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Listings Features

Listings That Stand Out On the Platforms That Matter

Global network

Manage your clients’ online presence across a network of 125+ global platforms for local search — including social networks, recommendation sites, directories, maps, navigation and GPS systems.

We have direct integrations with the leading search engines and platforms.

Google Trusted Partner and GMB API integration

We have a unique Enterprise Trusted Partner API integration with Google. This means you can manage your clients’ data on Google My Business and Google Maps in real-time to reach more consumers with correct location information. 

Our API will allow you to access Google Publisher Suggestions and Google Q&A, including scheduled posts on your clients’ local GMB profiles. 

Facebook location pages

Add location pages and a store locator to your clients’ Facebook brand pages. We’ll create and claim these pages for you to centrally manage in the Control Center.

You can also set up local campaigns and post offers and updates direct to your clients’ local Facebook pages.

Real-time updates

Instantly update content and core data   for any location in real-time, any time. 

Get Found and Stay Found in Today’s Digital Landscape

Industry leading duplicate suppression technology

Watch duplicate listings disappear and local SEO ranking go up.

Our systems continuously search for and suppress duplicate listings on partner platforms.

Leading data cleansing technology

Making sure that your clients’ location data is being optimized and cleansed to deliver perfect location data for all of their stores and locations is our key priority.

Our leading and industry recognized data cleansing process ensures that your clients’ digital presence is correct and all the location attributes have been through our rigorous automated and manual systems.

Our goal is to maximize your clients’ visibility to ensure that theirlocal customers can find all the information they need about their business. 

Why data accuracy is crucial for your clients:  

  • Incorrect data will negatively impact their local SEO ranking  

  • Inconsistent or missing information reduces trust in their brand

  • Irrelevant offers or social media content will target the wrong consumers

Why data accuracy is crucial:
  • Incorrect data will negatively impact   local SEO ranking  

  • Inconsistent or missing information reduces brand trust

  • Irrelevant offers or social media content will target the wrong consumers

Profile protection

Unclaimed, duplicate or missing profiles can be edited by third parties, having a negative impact on a brand and search ranking. 

With Uberall, all your clients’ brand profiles are claimed and protected.

So you can relax knowing their listings are secured with the highest level of data consistency, automatically boosting their locations’ local search rankings. 

Ready to Get Started?

Our dedicated support team will walk you through every step of the way, ensuring and you’re tapping into the full potential of digital location marketing.