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Make the Leap From Data to Actionable Insights.

Looking for a flash of brilliance? Turn numbers into understanding with a summary view of how well your business is getting found, being chosen, and driving loyalty.
We’ll spotlight the parts of your hybrid customer experience that are working best — and offer actionable advice for what to fix.

CoreX - Insights
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98% of marketers believe analytics are essential to understanding customers

- Uberall/MomentFeed data

CoreX - Insights

Instant Insight Into Customer Experience

Insights makes you more efficient by surfacing what you need to know about your customer experience: like where your locations rank in brand or product searches, how effectively they convert views to clicks, calls, or directions, and how often they respond to reviews. 

  • Local CX Score summarizes how well your business is doing in getting found, being chosen and driving loyalty
  • Insights Carousel highlights strengths and weaknesses across one or many locations
  • Competitor Benchmarking measures your locations’ performance online versus similar businesses
  • When you’ve found something you want to drill down into, one click takes you directly to the data.  

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Turn numbers and graphs into concrete next steps. Our tailored to-do list helps you identify and fix anything holding your business back. You’ll also get actionable  recommendations to optimize your online presence to increase visibility, improve your brand image, build a better customer experience, and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

  • Check that all locations are set up on all relevant platforms
  • Audit profile completeness to maximize visibility and consideration
  • Surface unanswered questions or reviews to improve response rate
CoreX - Insights
CoreX - Insights

Benchmark Your Performance

How do you stack up against industry peers? Get a critical perspective on the performance of your business and locations. See at a glance how many of your locations are under or over-performing when it comes to visibility, conversion, ratings, and response rates.

  • Profile views compares how often your profiles are viewed in contrast to similar businesses
  • Listings conversions compare click to call, directions, and website rates
  • Review quality and response rate gives you a comparison of how often and fast you reply to reviews

Uberall CoreX, The Hybrid Customer Experience Platform

CoreX - Listings


Control your listings across 125+ networks.

CoreX - Reviews


Monitor, improve,  and protect your online reputation.

CoreX - Local Social

Local Social

Turn social into sales with engaging, local content.

CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Locator & Local Pages

Convert web traffic with a clear path to purchase.


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