Uberall, Jonak's phygital secret tip

  • +51%

    sales in the Deauville boutique*

  • +153%

    of clicks on the website**

  • +125%

    of clicks on directions**

* Results obtained by comparing the first 6 months of 2022 with the first 6 months of 2021, before the implementation of Uberall CoreX. ** Results obtained by comparing the first semester of 2021 with the first semester of 2022
  • Uberall customer since October 2021
  • Uberall products: Listings, Reviews & Local Social
  • Business Activity: Retail
  • Number of shops: 40


Since Marcel and Lisa Nakam took over the reins of the family business in 2012, the French shoe brand has taken a 180-degree digital turn. Launched in the 1960s in Paris, Jonak now has around 50 shops in France and abroad.

Convinced of the importance of digital in today's consumer habits, the grandchildren of the founders decided to revitalise the brand by placing digital technology at the heart of the company's strategy.

A successful gamble, since today a third of Jonak's sales are made online.

The challenge

Consumer behaviour has been evolving at a fast pace in recent years, and the trend is not about to be reversed. As a result of the pandemic, the role of digital in the buying process has increased. Companies in the fashion industry have had no choice but to adapt to stay in the market.

It is in this context that Uberall has reinforced Jonak's already well established digital strategy. The brand has entrusted Uberall with clear and well-defined objectives: to strengthen its visibility on search engines and social networks, while providing its shops with the right digital tools to offer the best possible customer experience.

From "La Rive gauche" to the international scene

As we mentioned in the introduction, Jonak did not wait for the pandemic to grasp the importance of the digital world. As early as 2012, it launched on Instagram and today has half a million followers worldwide.

The management teams had a good sense of timing, firstly because it facilitated the transition to digital-first during the pandemic. But also because social media allows them to reach a new international target and to exchange daily with their customers.

As you can see, digital is now part of Jonak's DNA. The company therefore naturally turned to Uberall when it came to optimising its online presence.

The best of both (physical + digital = Phygital ❤)

Marcel Nakam, its Managing Director, is convinced that the best of the digital and physical worlds must be used to attract an increasingly demanding clientele. Consumers appreciate the convenience and immediacy of online shopping: they can shop whenever they want, without waiting or worrying about available stock. However, nothing can replace the emotion generated by a visit to the shop.

It is crucial to innovate in order to create emotion online and bring practicality back into the shop (e.g. by publishing advice on the website for a more tailored approach, by publishing photos of the shop or by offering live chat options).

In terms of emotions, Uberall offers a real added value, as the platform provides the company with a whole series of indicators on the experiences of its customers.


The Jonak teams use Uberall CoreX, the hybrid customer experience platform, on a daily basis. The implementation was done in close collaboration with Uberall, including extensive work on Google keywords and location records.

The Jonak teams identified several benefits that can be grouped into 3 categories: a more proactive approach, a global view and more turnover.

Proactivity vs. Reactivity

Before Uberall, it was not uncommon for Jonak's teams to read a customer review a week after it was published. In 2022, the brand responded to 87% of its customer reviews (compared to 25% in 2021) within 24 hours. Responding quickly to customer reviews strengthens the bond with customers and has a positive impact on SEO.

A 360° vision

Uberall CoreX provides a real-time overview of brand awareness and reputation from a single entry point. This means that a consistent web presence can be offered everywhere. But the real advantage lies elsewhere, as Marcel Nakam explains.

This helicopter view takes the pulse of the customer experience: if a shop has an average score of 4.5, then customer service, stock availability and the overall experience are real strengths. Alternatively, if you see that a shop has a lower average score than the rest of the shops, then you can dive into the data and take action.

Marcel NakamManaging Director, Jonak

The power of Google's Local Pack on sales

We have opted to conclude this success story with a zoom on the Deauville shop and the impact of the Google Local Pack on revenues.

Better management of customer reviews, updated profiles, keyword optimisation: the work of the Jonak teams combined with Uberall CoreX has paid off. The Deauville shop is now part of the coveted Google 3-Pack (the first 3 local search results displayed on Google Maps). And it's far from going unnoticed, since it has generated a 51% increase in sales*.

* Results observed by comparing the first 6 months of 2022 with the first 6 months of 2021, before the implementation of Uberall CoreX.