Uberall Unveils New Digital Revenue Assistant with ChatGPT to Drive Sales and Efficiency for Multi-Location Businesses

Company’s latest AI innovations will help consumer brands close business they didn't even know they had

LOS ANGELES and BERLIN (March 7, 2023) - Uberall, a leading digital marketing platform, today announced new Generative AI and ChatGPT innovations that help location-based businesses unlock new revenue opportunities. The innovations will be integrated across the Uberall CoreX platform including in Messages, Reviews, and Local Inventory solutions.

“As a multi-location business, responding to customers' inquiries across hundreds or even thousands of business profiles and social channels throughout the web is a daunting task. More often than not, it’s just too much to keep up with and sales are lost, but it’s a perfect problem for next gen AI like ChatGPT to solve,” said Ana Martinez, Uberall CTO. “Uberall’s unique AI Chat solution is like having a digital team that delivers the right information at the right time to high-intent buyers throughout the buyer journey.”

AI Chat is rapidly becoming one of the fastest and most convenient ways for customers to engage with brands to buy what they need or want. In fact, 75% of consumers say they prefer to engage with brands via chat, instead of traditional channels. However, 72% of businesses are not actively managing chat on their local Google Business Profile, leaving money on the table and customers looking for alternatives.

Introducing Uberall’s New Digital Revenue Assistant with ChatGPT

Uberall is helping brands put AI and ChatGPT to work uncovering revenue opportunities from online customer interactions on Google chat or Q&A, Instagram or Facebook Messenger, a corporate site or local webpage. Here are a few of the scenarios Uberall is enabling:

  • Providing local inventory recommendations — Uberall’s AI model will be trained to initiate conversations with customers and provide personal recommendations. For example, a consumer can inquire about local product availability “Do you have Nike women’s size nine shoes available at the New York Broadway location?” and the Uberall Digital Revenue Assistant will know how to respond with smart prompts that take the consumer down a purchase path based on what’s in-stock locally. The innovation, currently being piloted, is made possible by connecting Uberall’s groundbreaking Local Inventory solution with ChatGPT, allowing retailers to dynamically promote locally in-stock products online.

  • Offering promotions and discounts — Uberall’s AI model will be programmed to promote local offers and discounts when available. Exclusive offers can be used to incentivize a customer to make a purchase. They can also be used in response to AI generated review replies to drive repeat purchases from a loyal customer or to encourage an unhappy customer to give the business another try.

  • Assisting with reservations and bookingsUberall’s AI model will also help customers from Google, Messenger and other channels easily make a reservation or booking. This innovation, currently being piloted, is made possible by connecting with booking and reservation solutions via the Uberall interface. By providing real-time availability and booking assistance, businesses can increase the likelihood of capturing revenue through popular consumer channels.

“Uberall’s AI Messenger has been a game changer for us. It enabled us to implement conversational commerce with ease and confidence, while ensuring we reply to all customer inquiries. We’ve been able to automate a large number of responses, particularly appointment requests, which represent 70% of the messages we receive,” says Letizia Julie, Digital Marketing Project Manager at DEKRA.

Human-Like Review Replies with Uberall ChatGPT Solutions

With the integration of ChatGPT, review management becomes even more effortless. Uberall already makes it easy for businesses to respond to location reviews at scale, but by integrating ChatGPT later this year, brands can employ human-like responses to customer reviews. Uberall is training its review response AI models to intelligently interpret the customers’ feedback and recommend an appropriate, on-brand reply. Uniquely, Uberall will organically weave in products and/or services recommendations, and any local offers that make sense. The brand will have complete control to check the response and edit as needed before publishing.

To learn more about Digital Revenue Assistant and Uberall’s latest innovations, visit here.

About Uberall, Inc.
Uberall helps the world’s largest and most innovative brick and mortar businesses stay relevant and profitable by driving online discovery, in store visits, and repeat purchases. Its local digital marketing platform, Uberall CoreX, helps streamline and simplify the management of location data, localized campaigns, and online reputation across platforms like Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Nextdoor. The fully-integrated platform helps fast moving, global marketing teams ensure brand consistency across the local web, drive more transactions, and quantify impact.

Uberall, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has more than 400 employees and services over 1,850 multi-location businesses across 170 countries.

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