Empowering Multi-Location Businesses: Uberall Launches Breakthrough Solutions for Enhanced Customer Engagement

[LOS ANGELES and BERLIN July 12, 2023] – Uberall, a leading provider of location marketing solutions, today announces its highly anticipated Summer 2023 features designed to amplify search visibility, strengthen customer relationships, and propel growth. Rolling out new capabilities for paid and organic social media, AI-powered reputation management, and platform-wide enhancements, this release promises to be a game-changer for brick-and-mortar businesses everywhere. Now more than ever, Uberall enables multi-location businesses to engage more effectively with local customers in today's crowded search journey.

With over 20 new developments, Uberall's Summer 2023 release focuses on addressing the specific needs of multi-location businesses, emphasising hyper-local engagement and brand authority.

Ana Martinez, CTO of Uberall, explains, "Our latest release will further empower multi-location businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By placing social and engagement at the heart of our innovations, we enable companies to effortlessly connect with local customers and foster meaningful interactions that drive real impact. We recognize the significance of organic and paid social efforts, so our new solution encompasses both. With the versatility to opt for a fully corporate-controlled, locally controlled, or hybrid approach, we give businesses the power to scale their social strategy effectively."

76% of consumers find targeted ads useful in discovering new products, making a hyper-local marketing approach necessary to remain competitive. Still, recent statistics indicate that only 26% of multi-location businesses approach social media from a brand and location perspective. Recognizing this untapped potential, Uberall introduces cutting-edge features that bridge organic and paid social, redefining the way local businesses approach social media advertising.

Some of the key highlights of Uberall's Summer 2023 release include:

  • Uberall Social Ads: This new module allows businesses to run highly targeted ad campaigns, so they can reach local customers at the perfect moment—when they’re one step away from a store. By leveraging the power of local ads, businesses can achieve 2-3x more conversions compared to campaigns run on the national level.
  • Brand Authority Workflows for Social Posts: This tool empowers local operators to engage with customers on the local level while businesses uphold best practices in brand management—maintaining consistency across locations and ensuring brand integrity. They can now establish an intuitive approval process for posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Generative AI Review Management: A groundbreaking feature that augments productivity is now right at the fingertips of business operators. This highly sought-after tool, in high demand among hospitality clients, harnesses the power of AI to quickly suggest review responses and in turn streamline review management processes.

Uberall's Summer 2023 release marks a new era of social media empowerment for multi-location businesses. By combining advanced AI capabilities, targeted advertising solutions, and streamlined social media management, Uberall enables businesses to stand out, drive local engagement, and achieve meaningful results in their marketing efforts.

"Uberall is an exceptional platform that effortlessly streamlines social ads, organic posts, and reputation management. It grants our franchise owners the freedom to independently upload content and handle their own listings, providing them with the utmost flexibility. Uberall has provided us with valuable guidance on enhancing our local SEO rankings, and the Uberall app simplifies the process of responding to reviews seamlessly.” - Samantha Dembo, Digital Marketing Manager at Toppers Pizza.

Businesses can request a demo of the new social product via Uberall's website.

About Uberall

Uberall, helps the world’s most innovative multi-location businesses stay relevant, competitive, and profitable, by using digital technology to win clicks online and feet offline.

The Uberall location marketing platform powers the entire customer journey from online discovery, to store visit, to recommendation and repeat purchase. Uberall makes sure businesses are not only found, but attract and delight customers on every corner, across the globe – driving revenue and customer lifetime value, at scale.

Uberall, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has more than 400 employees and services over 1,850 multi-location businesses across 170 countries.

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