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Data Cleansing

Improve Your Data Quality: Strengthen Your Online Presence

Ensuring all your operational and location data is correct everywhere your brand is mentioned online is critical for expanding your online visibility and providing a consistent brand experience in today’s multichannel world.

The more times the same information, such as name, address and phone numbers, is listed across multiple online platforms and directories, the more search engines like Google and Bing recognise the information as reliable and boost your brand’s local search ranking.

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Optimise Your Brand Identity

An inconsistent location name, incorrect email address or duplicate online entries confuse search engines, affecting your local SEO, user experience and brand consistency.

To avoid this, our data quality management system not only suppresses duplicate information about your brand, but also looks at the entire data flow, which goes from the original information, to the validation and correction processes to the adjusted result.

Put the Pin Exactly Where Your Location Is

We keep a close eye on the geo references (rooftop positioning) so that your locations are found precisely where they’re located.

We clean up 99.99% of problematic data using automated and manual processes, so you can relax knowing your location and operation data is correct anywhere your brand’s locations are mentioned online.

Update Your Data Instantly from One Platform

From one single source of truth, keep your data consistent anytime and in real-time. From adjusting holiday opening hours for hundreds of locations to changing the contact information across dozens of platforms — all from a simple click of a button. We promise it’s that easy.

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