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How to Update Your Google My Business Pages with COVID-19 Related Posts

From new hours to new services related to the coronavirus pandemic, Google’s latest posting option allows your business updates to appear at the top of your location profile pages in local search.

Google My Business (GMB) has recently rolled out COVID-19 specific posts, which appear at the top of your business profile in local search — this is in addition to the posting feature already available.

This offers another way to ensure your customers are in the know, as soon as you need to update information related to the coronavirus pandemic — great news if you own a business or are a digital marketer managing the online presence for a multi-location business.

Why this Matters

As small and medium-sized businesses and multi-location brands prepare to reopen and/or pivot their offerings, consumers are going online first for the products, services and information they need to inform themselves about your business online.

For them, it is important to have the most up-to-date information about changed opening hours, the availability of products along with safety and hygiene regulations.

In many cases, your GMB pages are going to be the primary way that people seek this information out.

Besides, nobody wants to trek all the way out these days only to turn up to a closed store or restaurant, right?

What to Include in Your COVID-19 Post

The COVID-19 post type is designed for announcements directly related to COVID-19, such as

  • Temporary closures
  • Special contact information, such as information hotlines
  • New or modified operating hours
  • Changes to regular services, such as patio service only or delivery
  • Safety precautions and instructions (such as wearing a mask, for example)
  • Updates on stock levels

How to Create COVID-19 Posts for Multiple Locations at Scale

If you’re not using the Uberall platform or a platform that can automatically update, you need to update each listing manually. Follow the instructions in this Google My Business Help Page.

If you’re an Uberall customer or partner, using the Engage product, you can create COVID-19 posts for as many locations as you like at once, here’s how:

  • Click create new post (top right corner) or save a post as a template‍ for later
  • On the dialogue page, specify COVID-19 as the type of post
  • Tailor the COVID-19 related information for as many locations as you have
  • Select the locations for which you want to create content or tick the All locations checkbox.
  • Before publishing, preview and check that the information is correct
  • Click post to publish your content instantly

Note: There is no option to select the time frame for COVID-19 posts. Also, only plain text content is allowed for these types of posts.

For more discussion and resources related to marketing in times of social distancing, check out Uberall’s coronavirus info hub and FAQs for brands with physical locations.

Nicole Gottselig
Nicole Gottselig

Hailing from Canada, Nicole joined the Uberall team as a Senior Content Marketing Manager in March 2019, and considers Berlin her true home. When she's not writing content, Nicole guides a weekly mindfulness meditation session for her colleagues and heads up the company's employee advocacy program on LinkedIn.