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Be Visible Where Your Customers Are Searching

How do consumers find the locations of a brand in their vicinity? By searching 'Near Me' on Google and by optimising local listings for search. Now more than ever, directory listings are crucial to providing accurate local business information to online customers who are thinking about making offline journeys. 

The more you can control and optimise your directory listings, the easier it will be to deliver a seamless 'Near Me' customer experience. With Uberall Listings you can do this at the touch of a button.

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Simple and Ingenious: Listing Management with a Single Source of Truth

For a consistent and compelling 'Near Me' Brand Experience, the local directory listings of your locations must be up-to-date, complete and consistent. With Uberall you manage your local listings efficiently from a single, central source.

Optimise your Local SEO Ranking on over 125 platforms

 The 'Near Me' customer journey can start on Yelp and continue on Facebook — or on other platforms. Showcase your locations in the ever-growing Uberall network of over 125 online directories, navigation services, and more: it's a prerequisite to appear where customers are looking for them.

The Direct Line to Google in Real Time

Manage your data on Google My Business, including Google Maps. Thanks to our close partnership with Google and world-class integration, you can process all of your GMB details in real time.

Stand Out on Facebook

Take advantage of the potential of the largest social media platform and manage your location pages on Facebook.

Full Control for Optimal Local SEO

With Uberall Listings, you have the features on board to make sure you do not leave anything to chance in your online presence. Determine which images and text your customers see; and publish clean and consistent data across all platforms.

Easily Monitor How Consumers Become Customers

See the impact of your location marketing campaigns instantly: Do more consumers find your business locations and do they click to call or visit you? Does a specific region or even store perform better than others? 

Get the answers to these questions and more: take full control of your location marketing and show the value of your campaigns. 

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