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Weldom multiplies its online interactions through the use of Listings + Engage

The Challenge

With the ever increasing number of local information platforms to optimise and keep up to date, Weldom was struggling to effectively manage the online data of its 200 store locations. The French DIY specialist knew it had to ensure its online listings were accurate and relevant, to be visible when local consumers searched online. In addition, Weldom was looking for a solution to effectively manage the online customer engagement of consumers at the local level. The digital marketing team wanted to provide local franchisees the ability to manage their own listings and respond to customer reviews, but under head office guidance and with overall brand visibility.

The Solution

Weldom’s digital marketing team knows that quality of information is a key element of local SEO, and that responding to consumer reviews is crucial to differentiate and improve a brand’s local presence. So the team was delighted to introduce Uberall’s Location Marketing Cloud, where they could manage listings and reviews across all their 200 store locations from just one platform. Franchisees are now able to update their individual listings and distribute it across multiple platforms with just one click. Through Uberall Engage, franchisees provide personal responses to customer reviews relevant to their store, while Head Office has complete visibility across all locations, and the ability to analyse local customer insights.

The Results

Only a few weeks after the software was implemented, the Weldom digital marketing team noticed a significant increase in online interactions. The user rights of the Local Marketing Cloud have enabled team to provide access to the right people, and set up workflows and notifications to ensure each franchise is responsive and adhering to brand guidelines. Each store has become more autonomous with less queries and questions, due to the easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Weldom is delighted with the assistance given by the Uberall team, from the implementation of its cloud data to receiving regular follow-ups and results.

What our customer says

“Using Uberall allows us to improve our local referencing through reliable information that is distributed across multiple platforms with just one click. Uberall also contributes to improving the online reputation of our points of sale through the increase and personalisation of responses provided.”

Sarah LardemerDigital Project Manager WELDOM

Posted by Uberall

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