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Location Marketing Cloud

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To drive business to the brands you manage, it is important to optimize a business’ presence across location-based services. By ensuring that brands and locations are properly represented across the web, you can reach the most relevant local prospects. When a user has a navigation app like Waze fired up, are you reaching out to them as they pass by storefronts? Local citation software, such as the cloud-based Uberall platform, is meant to give your global brands local relevance, wherever they are found. 

The Uberall platform expands your visibility to prospective consumers by taking advantage of the most relevant services available to reach them. Whether it’s a business directory, a local review site, a map and navigation app, or a web search, users need to be able to find businesses quickly and easily. Business directory software is used to manage multiple local listings from a central hub, which helps you provide a consistent user experience across platforms and sites.

Location data is an important part of providing the most relevant app experience. Listing management software such as Uberall can help you take advantage of the most modern and effective advertising platforms around. Though there are many popular review sites and ever-evolving social media platforms, a centralized hub is a powerful way to manage the many aspects of a business enterprise.



Turn web traffic into foot traffic. Manage business listings from a single platform across 100+ platforms and update location-specific data in real-time.
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Locator + Pages

Create and update landing pages for each of your store locations, for improved customer visibility via local search - with the Location Marketing Cloud as single point of truth.
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Localize all your online communication with customers - whether you answer feedback across the Listings network or join the conversation on Social Media.
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Partner Marketing Tools

Control Your Data with Our Listing Management Software

The power of Location Marketing is available for resale through our Partner Marketing Tools platform.

Expand your product portfolio by offering your customers the most efficient digital marketing tool. Uberall's Location Marketing Cloud can be customized and sold through your site.

Uberall's scalable software is easy to integrate with your existing product portfolio and can be customized to your needs. You choose whether you want a stand-alone product or to bundle the Cloud with your existing solution. 

What's more, the Uberall Partner Platform makes the work of different kinds of reseller effortless, no matter if they work online, through call centers or in field sales. 

The Uberall listing management platform helps you get the most out of your data, reporting back to clients or higher-ups. Location data can help you reach potential consumers and clients that are near your business, or are most likely to utilize your service. By being able to manage all listings from one place, you create a serious advantage in terms of brand consistency and efficiency. As an online presence turns into real-world sales, each brand can grow and reach its goals.