The New Face of Local

How Digitalization and COVID Created the Customer Journey

After the pandemic, 82% of consumers will still shop locally. But their expectations have changed.

After (or during) a very long and disruptive episode, it’s appropriate to ask: How can businesses thrive in this new world?

In this guide, we wanted to understand better how the pandemic affected the local customer journey. We reveal:

• a survey ran by other 4, 000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany;

• an analysis of nearly 80, 000 mid-market business locations in our own database;

• findings with the insights and recommendations of various marketing experts

Download the guide and find out:

How the consumer journey has changed
Why, local marketing performance has improved
What other marketing specialists did and what they recommend

Lydia Oertel

Online Marketing Manager | Thalia

It’s highly recommendable for retailers to further connect online and offline sales. It’s utterly important that you try to make an online shop your second pillar – or at least use those possibilities that help you keep your customers up to date and close to you even when your stores aren’t open.