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Food & Beverage

Feed Your Clients’ Online Presence with Accurate Data and Rich Content Listings Bursting with Flavor

It’s no surprise that most “near me” searches are food related. Hungry customers want to see  whether their favorite food chains are closeby when their cravings are demanding their attention. Help more people their way to your clients’ doors and delivery drivers with an optimized online presence for all their restaurant locations.

Rise Above Today’s Marketing Challenges

Competition within the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is fierce. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, a strong online presence is crucial in order to compete and be found by customers on mobile.

National and global brands have hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of standalone restaurants, coffee and juice bars to manage across countless platforms.                              

The manual process of managing the digital footprint for each individual location: from fast responses to customer reviews and keeping offers fresh to updating location information across numerous platforms is increasingly difficult, time consuming  and labour intensive.

With so many establishments  to manage across platforms, directories and reviews sites, global branding tends to shine online, but falls to the wayside at the local level.

Make Sure Customers Know Before They Go

From scoping out reviews on the city’s best pizza to gathering location details and closing hours,  hungry and thirsty customers don’t want any surprises along their information gathering and buying journey.

Missing annotations, inconsistent ratings and infrequent or lack of responses to reviews will stop potential customers from looking any further and they’ll be on to the next batch of photos from your clients’ competitors on Instagram.

Start by becoming more proactive with your clients’ existing customers and prospects. This can be as simple as posting relevant images across social channels or encouraging their customers to review their business and then reacting to reviews immediately. This shows customers their feedback is valued.

Show Up Everywhere the Pin Drops

You want to connect your clients’ individual restaurants with the prospective customers who are searching for their menu at the exact moment they are ready to dig in.

We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks, ensuring you’re fully visible on the search engines, apps, platforms, maps and directories their customers are searching on. Our network includes Google, Bing, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram — plus 125+ others.

Ensure Location Data and Hours Are Always Accurate

If review trends start showing comments from customers who came to your clients’ restaurants for  eggs and pancakes at 11 a.m. only to find out breakfast hours were changed but not reflected on their Google My Business pages, chances are high they’ll lose trust in your clients’ brand.

Keeping location data, breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour times isn’t something you can do once and forget about. They need to be constantly managed across multiple platforms and directories.

From one platform, you can adjust data and operating hours for hundreds of locations. All from the same platform and single source of truth. We promise it’s that easy.        

Prep Restaurant Locations for Voice Search

In our 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report, we analyzed 73,000 business locations to assess whether they are voice search ready. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (which includes restaurants) came in as the second-most voice search ready industry. While this may sound impressive, the percentage that are optimized for voice is only 4.17%. 

Business locations that are not listed accurately on Google, Bing and Yelp are not voice search ready as we know, but they are also not local search ready—meaning that they are less likely to rank for the number one spot on the local search engine rankings.

Standalone restaurants that want to boost their visibility online when consumers are conducting 'near me' search queries must get voice ready or they will lose a large proportion of potential customers to their competitors.

Easily Manage Your Clients’ Online Presence

Manage your clients’ entire online presence, engage with their customers in real-time on review platforms and show off their drool-worthy cinnamon buns and picture-perfect flat whites on Facebook for the individual locations you manage for them. 

From one easy one easy-to-use, centralized platform you can respond to reviews in seconds, upload images from an in-store event — all in real-time.

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