E-commerce, Now or Never

Consumers want to support their favorite local businesses. For this to happen, local businesses need to embrace e-commerce and go online.

In an episode of Vendasta's ConquerLocal podcast, Greg Sterling, VP of Market Insights at Uberall, joins the conversation with Vendasta's George Leith, to give us the data on local business pivoting to e-commerce. Many local businesses have been able to embrace the digital shift, most fall into three groups: Successful in shifting to online, meeting expectations to stay open, and those who are struggling and may disappear. The successful cohort are businesses who have diversification online, a robust online component, and tighter integration between online and offline. To all the agencies and salespeople, now more than ever need to be the trusted local expert, and help the local business go through a digital transformation. There is an importance of communicating with customers, and strengthen relationships. Steers away from the sales pitch, and focus on doing right by them.

Listen in here.