On Being the First Social Marketing Platform for Mobile

As the social landscape evolves, marketers are using a range of different tools and solutions to leverage this unprecedented opportunity. There is listening and reputation management. Publishing and community management. Analytics and customer relationship management. Advertising and campaign management. There is clearly much to be managed in social marketing. The challenge for marketers is to prioritize and strategize for the greatest possible impact and return. Because all social activity is not created equal.

The fundamental considerations for marketers are the "how" and "where" of social engagement. In other words, how is the customer engaging with my brand? And where are they at that critical moment? By answering these questions, brands can make the best possible decisions with regard to their social marketing strategies.

How to Engage Consumers on Social

How customers engage is important because platforms and devices matter.

Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram offer unique value propositions for consumers and marketers alike. Engagement value can vary significantly within each platform as well as across them. The more stark distinction is between devices. PCs and smartphones are fundamentally different paradigms, especially as marketing vehicles. An engaged consumer on a smartphone is significantly more valuable than the same consumer on a PC.

Where to Engage Consumers on Social

Which brings us to the "where" of social engagement.

Is the consumer at home sitting in front of their computer, where location is largely irrelevant, or are they in a retail shopping environment using their smartphone, where location offers crucial context? The latter is infinitely more valuable for any brand that sells products and services in the physical world, not the least of which is its proximity to the point of sale.

This essential "how" and "where" of social engagement is what we mean by a social marketing platform built for the mobile paradigm. By optimizing for the how and where of smartphone engagement, MomentFeed offers the best of both worlds because there is a significant spillover effect to PCs. This is distinct from PC-first social marketing platforms that are built for consumers at home on their computers, where there is very little spillover to mobile.