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Control Center - Features

All Your Clients’ Location Data 
and Local Marketing Campaigns In One Place

Single source of truth for all your clients’ core data

Whether your clients have 10 locations or 1,000, manage them all from one user-friendly platform.

Unlimited users, local user portals

Empower as many team members as you’d like to easily manage your clients’ online presence across hundreds of platforms.

From one user to one thousand. You decide on their access level, and set up approval workflows.

Data cleansing

At the heart of our business is your clients’ data. Class leading data cleansing and management processes ensure the right combination of smart automation and unparalleled customer operations, ensuring your clients’ location data is 100% accurate.


Automate, scale and integrate deeply into your clients’ workflows and systems with our REST API.

Stay Two Steps Ahead of Your Clients’ Competitors

Easy-to-use analysis dashboard with real-time insights

Track, compare and measure how one or hundreds of locations are performing from one dashboard.

Manage what you measure. Full, unlimited access to comprehensive key performance data measures any time you need them. 

Real-time dashboards give you the most important performance metrics across one or all of your clients’ locations with custom time/date ranges. 

Custom reports

A range of custom reports allows you to instantly see how your clients’ online presence is measuring up against their key performance indicators that are truly relevant to their business — so you can take action to  improve your clients’ visibility right away.

Email alerts the second reviews come in

Find out the second a new review or comment comes, so you take action immediately.

Always on “auto sync”

Say ‘so long’ to outdated data with round-the-clock data syncing. You can control when you sync your data or use our unique Auto Sync to ensure your listings are always updated and correct.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Bulk editing

Upload and edit all your location data, quickly and easily from one place.

Monitor customer reviews across all channels

A single source of truth to help all your users schedule updates, gain valuable customer insights and save hours of time.  

Create rich, customized content

Manage both basic address data and rich content such as location-specific offers, opening hours, product lists, photos and videos to attract even more consumers.  

Ready to Get Started?

Our dedicated support team will walk you through every step of the way, ensuring and you’re tapping into the full potential of digital location marketing.