Uberall Unveils Platform Enhancements Helping Businesses To Listen and Respond To Customers Faster and Easier

New hybrid CX enhancements empower businesses to manage their locations' information and reputation, making their marketing efforts work harder amid rising economic uncertainty.

DETROIT, MI (August 31, 2022) - Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience (CX) solutions, today introduced a series of new innovations designed to help multi-location businesses better understand the performance of each location, rank higher in local searches through enriched content and better review response rates, and empower local managers and franchisees to promote their store’s online presence.

“Many businesses are facing economic headwinds at the moment, making it even more important for marketing teams to work smarter and continue to drive growth without increasing headcount,” says Florian Hübner, Uberall CEO and founder. “We're focused on creating tools that help them do just that - whether that's supporting businesses to be more visible in each of their operating areas through enriching local profiles at scale, responding to each customer’s feedback with less effort, or being able to more precisely target marketing strategies.”

The company’s new innovations and enhancements include:

Local SEO Report

The Local SEO Report enables businesses to track where their locations rank in local searches for the keywords that are most important to them, like “coffee” or “breakfast” for a cafe chain. Teams will be able to see the average ranking across all locations for their keyword set, or drill down into specific locations and keywords to get more detailed insights. Moreover the Local SEO Report allows them to see the impact of ranking on downstream metrics, like clicks. With this feature, both SEO Managers and marketing leaders can have a better understanding of their visibility at the local level, and adjust their local SEO strategy with pinpoint precision.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is a new, AI-powered review analysis tool that helps businesses hear what their customers are saying about their locations, in a scalable way—so they can make changes to improve customer satisfaction.The solution uses an advanced Natural Language Processing model to analyze review text for sentiment towards industry-relevant topics (like service, drinks, and value), then organize key insights in a simple, yet flexible, dashboard. With these insights, businesses can isolate what’s working and what’s not among a subset of locations or a single location. Thanks to this analysis, businesses can build out strategies around what customers like or dislike to improve customer loyalty.

Mobile App

Uberall’s Mobile App empowers local managers and franchisees to market their stores and engage with their audience, while allowing central marketers to maintain control over the brand. Local managers can quickly and conveniently view and update their opening hours, respond to reviews on their own or using templates, answer questions, and post to their social channels. This means that brands can achieve greater scale, while local managers can more easily promote their businesses and drive revenue.

Reply Assistant

Uberall’s Reviews capability gets a boost this quarter with the addition of Reply Assistant, a combination of intelligent tools that help businesses dramatically increase their response rates for every location, across multiple platforms. The Response Library houses a brand-approved collection of response templates that can be used again and again when replying to customer reviews. Another key feature is Automated Responses. Since a large percentage of reviews only include a rating and no comment, this feature helps increase a location’s response rate overnight by automatically posting pre-approved responses.

Content Collections

Uberall’s Content Collections provides a new, easier way for businesses to enrich their Listings and Local Pages with products, services, menu items, and more, so that their locations are more likely to rank higher and appeal to customers searching for what they offer. Information about a business’ offering is now managed through a simple interface and additions or changes can be applied to multiple locations at once, creating efficiency, consistency, and accuracy across the brand.

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About Uberall, Inc.

Uberall helps the world’s most innovative brick and mortar businesses stay relevant, competitive, and profitable, by using digital technology to win clicks online and feet offline. Uberall CoreX, our hybrid customer experience platform, powers the entire customer journey from online discovery, to store visit, to recommendation and repeat purchase. Uberall makes sure businesses are not only found, but attract and delight customers on every corner, across the globe – driving revenue and customer lifetime value, at scale.

Uberall, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has more than 400 employees and services over 1,850 multi-location businesses across 170 countries.

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