Uberall Debuts Messaging Product to Shorten Consumers’ Path to Purchase, Among Other Key Innovations

New innovations enable companies to reach and respond to customers effectively, in their moment of need, from top channels like Google and Facebook

DETROIT, MI (November 30, 2022) - Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced a series of new innovations to help businesses offer customers more convenient ways to find, explore, book, and buy the products and services they want. One of the more exciting features introduced to the Uberall CoreX platform is Messages, a complete messaging solution that helps multi-location businesses shorten their customer’s path to purchase via live agents and lifelike local AI chatbots.

“While many companies understand the importance of customer convenience, they often consider it a daunting proposition to give customers the ability to message them - especially when they run many locations,” says Florian Hübner, Uberall CEO and founder. “However, research clearly shows that consumers prefer to message businesses about products and services, and are even prepared to pay more for convenience. We built Messages to make it incredibly easy and scalable for businesses to engage with and convert local customers on the messaging platforms they use.”

New Tool Enhancements Include:

Uberall Messages

Messaging is rapidly growing as one of the fastest and most convenient ways for customers to get what they need or want. In fact, 75% of consumers say they prefer to engage with brands via messaging, instead of traditional channels. Yet 72% of businesses report they don’t offer chat on their Google Business profile, most likely due to the difficulty of scaling messaging across multiple locations and channels.

Uberall Messages helps businesses activate messaging channels for each location with confidence and speed, equipping them with a single interface where they can engage directly with customers on popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Google. Businesses can choose to respond to messages manually, or activate conversational AI chatbots that draw on their location’s data profiles to provide lifelike answers and interactions 24/7. This means customers now have a quick and easy way to check opening hours or product availability, reserve a table or service, and much more.

“Uberall Messages has been a game changer for us. It enabled us to implement conversational commerce with ease and confidence, while ensuring we reply to all customer inquiries. We’ve been able to automate a large number of responses, particularly appointment requests, which represent 70% of the messages we receive,” says Letizia Julie, Digital Marketing Project Manager at DEKRA. “Beyond improvements in our customer relationship management processes, this tool allows us to free up time for our field teams, who juggle technical controls and phone bookings.”

Uberall Review Generation

Reviews play a key role in influencing purchasing decisions, with 70% of consumers saying they read between one and six online reviews before making a purchase. Moreover, a survey conducted by Uberall showed a star rating increase of just 0.1 stars can lead to a 25% improvement in conversion rates.

Uberall Review Generation allows businesses to get more reviews by inviting customers to share their experiences online. Brands can safely and scalably invite customers via email or text using customizable templates and a link to leave a review for the specific location they visited. Combined with responding to customer reviews, generating more reviews helps businesses boost trust and gain deeper insights across every location. Review Generation is the latest addition to Uberall’s end-to-end review management suite that allows businesses to not only encourage more reviews, but to efficiently monitor and respond to them, as well as analyze sentiment.

“Reviews play a key role in our customer experience strategy, so being able to easily generate reviews at scale is key,” adds Letizia. “More positive reviews help to rank higher in searches, attract more customers and build their trust in the brand. I see this product as a must-have for every business wanting to improve their online visibility and customer engagement.”

Uberall Media Manager and Premium Photos

Relevant, high-quality images are becoming increasingly central to how consumers discover, find, and engage with products and businesses. In fact, businesses with photos on their Google Listings receive 42% more requests for directions. However, creating, organizing, and publishing search engine-optimized photos might not be feasible for businesses with tens or hundreds of locations.

Uberall Premium Photos streamlines the process of publishing local photos to every location’s online business profile, with an end-to-end service that includes professionally shot photos optimized for search and discovery. In addition, Uberall Media Manager makes it easy for businesses to centrally organize local photos and videos and take control over how their locations look on Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and other directories. An early Uberall customer case study shows how optimized photos help search engines assess the relevance of a business, improving visibility: The customer saw a 60% month-over-month improvement in rank for ‘breakfast’ and ‘breakfast sandwich’ after publishing related photos.

Local Inventory

Google research shows global searches for "in-stock" have grown more than 700% year over year and 6 in 10 internet users check whether a product is available in a local store before visiting.

Uberall’s groundbreaking new Local Inventory solution allows retailers to dynamically publish and promote products they have in stock at their local stores online, in places such as Google Search and their website. This innovation helps them get discovered and drive footfall in those ‘want it now’ moments, or get their local goods in front of customers who are currently ‘just browsing’.

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About Uberall, Inc.

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