INDIGO France Powers Up Local Marketing with Uberall

INDIGO leverages the Uberall Solution to seamlessly integrate electric vehicle (EV) chargers into car parks across France

INDIGO, a French leader in parking and individual mobility, is redefining the way their customers find and choose EV charging experiences across their 700 car parks in France.

With the Uberall Solution in their toolkit, INDIGO is able to seamlessly refine and update online listings to indicate where EV chargers are available and manage customer reviews and feedback on car park locations in France. INDIGO is committed to creating a seamless experience for EV users– from discovery to charging.

The collaboration with Uberall directly addresses a new customer demand—integrating electric chargers into parking spaces. With Uberall, INDIGO ensures that this additional service is effortlessly available and easily accessible for both businesses and individual EV users alike.

"We are making soft mobility a key area of development and support for our customers, whether by encouraging bicycle use (with our dedicated offer, Cyclopark) or by deploying charging points for electric vehicles in our car parks. With Uberall, we're making it easier for users to travel within the city by providing better online visibility of the electric mobility services we propose. At INDIGO, we are encouraging more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transport.”

- Jérôme Mayen, Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience Director, INDIGO France

The partnership between INDIGO and Uberall paints an optimistic future for EV charging in Europe. Their well-marketed electric vehicle charging infrastructure is poised to drive a surge in EV adoption among consumers, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation landscape.

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