Barceló Hotel Group Chooses Uberall to Enhance its Hybrid Customer Journey Globally

Barcelo Hotel Group and Uberall

Barceló Hotel Group and Uberall Partner To Offer Frictionless Online to Offline Experiences for the Hotels 190+ Locations Across 26 Countries

MADRID and BERLIN, May 31 2023 - Barceló Hotel Group, the hotel division of the Barceló Group with more than 190 four and five star urban and holiday hotels across 26 countries, has chosen Uberall, a global provider of local digital marketing solutions, to manage their digital presence globally.

Barceló Hotel Group transitioned from Yext to Uberall to maximise its locations’ digital visibility and make it easier for customers to explore the hotels offerings. Within just a few months on the platform, Barceló Hotel Group enhanced its Google Business Profiles with 210 new Hotel Attributes, reached 100% profile completeness, and eliminated all duplicates. These improvements helped the brand increase revenue from Local SEO by 56.47% within the first eight months of implementation.

“We're thrilled by these results and look forward to continuing working together with Uberall,” said Alberto Rodriguez Camara, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Barceló Hotel Group. “With its dedicated Customer Support Team since day one, Uberall enabled us to build a delightful, frictionless hybrid customer journey for our customers.”

With Uberall’s Analytics and Insights, the Barceló Hotel Group teams are empowered with real-time data and visibility into their performance, while Reviews Management enables them to personally respond to customers. By combining these features with Listings and Local Social, the teams can ensure the information for each hotel is accurate and build social media campaigns tailored to a specific audience.

“Travellers today expect digital conveniences from discovery, to booking and onsite experiences,” said Florian Hubner, CEO and Founder at Uberall. “Having recently stayed at a Barcelo Hotel during a visit to the Canaries, I can personally attest to the exceptional guest experience and attention to detail both online and offline. Barceló Hotel Group is setting a new standard for luxury hotels and we are delighted to partner with them as they lead the way in the hospitality industry.”

What’s Next for Barceló Hotel Group and Uberall? ChatGPT!

The hotel chain is expanding its local digital presence with extended services including restaurants, bars, spas and more that are a part of its hotel properties.

As Barceló Hotel Group goes from managing 200+ local profiles to more than 1,000, they anticipate even more visibility for the brand but also added workload for the hotel team to respond to reviews across more profiles.

“Responding to customer reviews can have a big impact on local visibility for our hotels and services, especially in the highly competitive restaurant space, but it is also a significant amount of work for our team to respond to every review,” said Javier Bermúdez, SEO Specialist, Barceló Hotel Group. “This is precisely where we believe Chat-GTP can be very useful, as it can be the key to ensure that our growth is not slowed down by a lack of resources.”

Bermúdez also credits Uberall, in part, to an overall contribution in mobile visibility for the domain, which is the brands ecommerce site for Barceló Hotel Group.

Since Barceló Hotel went live with Uberall in late 2021 the brand’s visibility via mobile search has increased significantly. Barceló Hotel Group have witnessed significant growth in their SEO ranking index from 15 to 20 since May 2022, as demonstrated by the Sisitrx graph. In contrast, some of their industry rivals have remained stagnant or even seen a decline in their SEO performance during the same period and with scores much lower, between 2.8 and 6.5.

Barcelo Pressemitteilung Sistrx

About Barceló Hotel Group

The Barceló Hotel Group, the hotel division of Barceló Corporación Empresarial, is the 2nd largest chain in Spain and the 31st in the world. It currently has 190+ urban and leisure hotels with 4 and 5 stars, and over 55,000 rooms spread out across 26 countries and marketed under four brands: Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Barceló Hotels & Resorts, Occidental Hotels & Resorts and Allegro Hotels.

About Uberall

Uberall helps the world’s most innovative brick and mortar businesses stay relevant, competitive, and profitable, by using digital technology to win clicks online and feet offline. Uberall CoreX, our hybrid customer experience platform, powers the entire customer journey from online discovery, to store visit, to recommendation and repeat purchase. Uberall makes sure businesses are not only found, but attract and delight customers on every corner, across the globe – driving revenue and customer lifetime value, at scale.

Uberall, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has more than 400 employees and services over 1,850 multi-location businesses across 170 countries.

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