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Online Brand Protection

Protect Your Online Brand Image Beyond Your Website

Did you know that having consistent information across all the platforms where your brand is mentioned can boost your sales by an average of 23%? With the right online brand protection solution, you’ll have greater control of your online brand image, while also ensuring that consumers have a positive brand experience everywhere they search for your products and services.

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Create a Unified Online Brand Presence

A seamless brand presence is a powerful influencer of the consumer buying decision and local search results. For example, if your opening hours are different on Yelp than they are on Facebook, this will confuse both your customers and search engines as they will not know which information to trust.

The Uberall platform allows you to easily manage all your information around your individual locations from a single source of truth.

Monitor Hundreds of Locations from One Platform

Many online directories and platforms keep consumers informed about which brands have the products and services they are looking for and where to find them. For brands with hundreds of locations, the growing number of consumer touchpoints makes it increasingly difficult to find, track and manage all the places where their brand is mentioned online. 

This often means that consumers spot duplicate entries, incorrect opening hours, variations on business names and outdated logos before brands do.

The Uberall platform eliminates duplicate entries and corrects online mentions about your brands on dozens of online platforms. So you retain control and present your brand the way you want your customers to see you: trustworthy, consistent and up to date.

Recognize Local Problems Before They Go Global

Like the snowball effect, big problems often start small. At first, you may spot customer complaints about overburdened staff in London, later you see similar comments coming from your Manchester locations before they spread throughout Europe.

Your analysis shows that your newly rolled-out cash register system overburdened your employees. At this point, however, your brand’s reputation has already been damaged globally.

Catch the snowball before it becomes an avalanche: with Uberall Engage know what your customers are saying online about all your brand locations.

It clusters reviews by region and topic so you can see immediately which locations are facing challenges.

Ensure Every Location Speaks the Same Brand Language

All your brand’s locations should be easily identifiable and consistent online regardless of location. Unique location landing pages and social media profiles for every location help you to deliver up-to-date, customized information and create a strong, local presence. 

To ensure your global brand image is protected across hundreds of locations, the style, look and content of all your national and global locations must align with your brand guidelines. Using the Uberall platform, you can automatically create unique landing pages for each location along with predefined templates for social media postings. 

Empower Your Teams to Protect Your Brand

Delegate responsibilities, while keeping a holistic view of how all your locations are performing. With the Uberall platform you define the usage rights individually for your marketing team, your site managers and all employees who manage your brand online. 

Customise user and usage rights individually and define approval processes according to your company specifications.

For example, your marketing team can approve local postings, but your individual teams at the local level can respond directly to a new customer review.

How Brands Can Ensure Effective Online Reputation Management

The rise of social validation means that brands need to manage their global reputation online by also ensuring they engage with customer reviews at a location level and engage wherever customers are trying to connect with your brand.

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