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The 'Near Me' Brand Experience

Are You Ready for the New Era in Digital Marketing?

Around 53 percent of all Google searches are 'near me' searches. 

This means that every second search asks for places and things "nearby". Including: parks and parking lots, supermarkets, sport retailers, banks, iPhone chargers and — you guessed it  — your company! We’ll tell you how to connect with your (new) customers quickly with a seamless brand experience during their 'Near Me' customer journey.

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Around 53% of all Google Searches Are 'Near Me' Searches

'Near Me' searches are the way your customers look for what they need in the moment they need it.  We expect to see one trillion local searches for 2020 on Google alone. So if your business has multiple locations, there is a tremendous potential for you to reach new customers. Why?  Because 75 percent of these local searches lead to a shop visit within 24 hours. 

Bring your brand to the top of the page every time, leading them seamlessly to your location with a 'Near Me' customer journey they won’t forget. 

Why Manage the 'Near Me' Customer Journey?

When consumers have a need, they want a solution now — and price is rarely an issue. Online, they search for a product or service “nearby” and it launches a cycle: they receive suggestions, decide on a brand and set off or call. And when everything runs smoothly, they talk about their positive experiences and come back. 

Give your customers a reason to choose you at every stage of this journey. It all starts with  creating a strong brand experience that turns customers into real fans and brand ambassadors.

How You Will Benefit from the 'Near Me' Brand Experience

Companies with a 'Near Me' strategy are seeing outstanding ROIs, a boom in brand awareness and more happy customers. Ask yourself: 

What are your goals? More sales, completely satisfied customers or a decisive competitive advantage? With the 'Near Me' Brand Experience you can achieve all of this; and in this white paper take a deep dive about how your company will grow in the Age of 'Near Me'.

What our customers say

"For me, real success can be seen in the feeling a brand conveys to people. 20,000 locations (for BP and Wild Bean Cafe), managed via more than 40 platforms — that's 800,000 brand touchpoints. Only those who are genuinely interested in what happens at each touchpoint can build a strong brand. And if there are 800,000 touchpoints, there has to be a way to take care of everyone: You need the best technology on the market to manage so many locations in real time."

Andy DugganGlobal Digital Marketing, BP

Deliver a standout ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience

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FAQ: The Most Important Questions about the 'Near Me' Brand Experience

'Near Me' describes the age we’re in today. That is, we’re all closely connected to our digital devices and expect to find information about companies and brands online before buying. 

What’s special about the 'Near Me' phenomenon is how it’s changed purchasing behavior: Conversions happen right away and with less price sensitivity. 

As a result, 'Near Me' is highly relevant from a marketing perspective and, when implemented correctly, offers enormous growth potential. 

The term 'near me' has its roots in local search — those ‘near me’ searches we all do on Google when we need a product or service right away and closeby. That said, local searches take place on many other platforms, not only Google or Google Maps, but on all of the consumers' favorite apps: Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, TomTom and many, many more.

When consumers place a ‘near me’ search, they have local intent and are looking for something close by or at a specific location, such as “nearby workshop”, “Best burger in Birmingham”, “yoga studio in St. John’s Wood” “And much more — everything is possible. 

Before, adding "near me" or "near"  to the search was required, but now locally relevant results automatically appear with a simple "coffee" — almost always shown on a map.

'Near Me' searches are closely linked to company growth and your success: 

  • Local searches make up more than half of all Google searches. 
  • Consumers searching near them have a high buying intent and low price sensitivity. 
  • Many ‘near me’ searchers don’t have a brand in mind, this creates opportunities to reach new customers looking for the products and services you offer.  
  • Local searches trigger the 'Near Me' customer journey. 
  • They give you a competitive advantage — creating an outstanding brand experience wins over consumers and turns them into loyal customers.  This is the ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience.

Consumers interact with one (or more) companies at every single point of the 'Near Me' customer journey. The quality of the interactions determines whether they ultimately become customers and build brand loyalty. You and your marketing don't have to leave it to chance: 

When you take control of your brand and customer communication at the critical touchpoints, you create a seamless 'Near Me' brand experience and thus more conversions and more sales.

A 'Near Me' brand experience (NMBX for short) is the total of the experiences that consumers have with a brand at various online and offline touchpoints at the local level. A consistently positive 'Near Me' brand experience has a positive effect on your sales and customer loyalty. 

A compelling brand experience at all the stops along the online-to-offline journey includes the following elements:  

Uberall helps you to automate these elements, so that your 'Near Me' Brand Experience enables the highest possible return on investment.