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Services & B2B

The Easiest Way to Build and Ensure a Positive Brand Image

By 2020, 70% of B2B search queries are expected to be made on smartphones. While service and B2B companies may not generate the volume of “near me now” searches and foot traffic that brands with storefronts do, reaching quality leads through a positive online brand image is crucial to help you stand out online and in your searcher’s memory.

Our Location Marketing Cloud helps you control, manage and analyse your location data, local marketing campaigns and online reviews from one centralised platform and improve your entire online presence.

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B2B SEO for Standout Listings and Online Reputation

Users searching for products and services in the B2B space tend to visit your online platforms multiple times over weeks and months.

They do this to gather information and gain confidence in your brand before making a purchase or deciding they want to partner with or work for your company.

B2B location marketing is equal parts showing up where your customers, drivers, employees and job applicants are searching and creating a positive brand experience that is memorable when people search for your product or service category.

Turn Online Searches for Your Services into Offline Customers

Service-focused industries such as real estate, staffing agencies, mail and delivery companies and legal services need to make sure their prospective customers feel confident in their brand before they’ll call one of your agents or set up a time with a recruitment specialist to visit their office.

Keeping all your listings up-to-date and managing your reviews from a centralised platform is an easy and effective way for your prospective customers to instantly see that you are a trustworthy brand.

Prep All Your Listings for Voice Search

In our 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report, we analysed 73,000 business locations to assess whether they are voice search ready.

Service providers and B2B brands that want to boost their visibility online when consumers are conducting 'near me' search queries must get voice ready or they will lose potential customers to their competitors.

Accelerate Your Online Presence and Watch Your Online Brand Grow

Make sure your customers can access directions to a shipping warehouse, a phone number to a local sales reps or recent reviews about your business from one single source of truth. Ensuring all your location-related information is consistent and up-to-date is crucial so that delivery drivers and your customers can always find you.

We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks, ensuring you’re fully visible on the search engines, apps, platforms, maps and directories your customers are searching on. Our network includes Google, Bing, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook and Instagram and 125+ others.

"As a global logistics service provider, accurate location information across our network is a crucial criterion of our online strategy, especially since we have to take into account frequent changes to location data due to office relocations. We’ve increased the awareness of our brand through the stringent branding of individual entries, one of the main reasons we are so satisfied with Uberall."

Tobias SchwertmannMarketing at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

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