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Financial Services

Listings That Put You in the Black

In only two years, mobile searches for "financial advisor" grew by 75%, with no signs of slowing down. From personal credit to loans, insurance and investing, more consumers are turning to their mobile phones and digital devices first to find the financial service solutions close to them.

Is your online presence optimised to turn online searches into new accounts?

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Turn Your Unique Marketing Challenges Into Your Advantage

Are your monthly or quarterly sales quotas less than stellar? Retaining and attracting new customers requires that you show them great financial and insurance offers, and relevant content at every step of their journey online first — before they step into your branches or sign up for an account online.

With our multi-channel approach, boosted with your promotional content, eye-catching images, and direct call-to-actions in your local posts, you’ll stand out online and connect with more prospective customers.

Turn Online Searches into Offline Investors

When given the choice, customers would rather call a local number and will identify better with brands that meet them at the local level. In fact, Google research shows that 1 in 4 investors prefer to open an account over the phone or in a branch.

Having a local presence not only strengthens your trust, but boosts your reputation — allowing you to expand your customer base.

Location marketing can improve your online presence and connect you with your customers at the precise moment they need to pop into your local branch or speak to a financial advisor.

Show Up Where Your Wealth Management Customers Are

You want to connect your agents, advisors and branches with the prospective customers who are searching for your services at the exact moment they are ready to invest, purchase insurance or apply for a mortgage.

We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks, ensuring you’re fully visible on the search engines, apps, platforms, maps and directories your customers are searching on.

Our network includes Google, Bing, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram — plus 125+ others.

Correct Branch Hours in Real Time

When your customers turn up to one of your branches and find out that you don’t have a financial advisor onsite for another two hours, even though it says so on your Google My Business page, there’s a good chance they’ll lose trust in your brand.

Ensuring your opening, closing and holiday hours; and agent and advisor schedules are always accurate requires ongoing management on multiple platforms.

From one login, ensure each and every branch location is consistent and correct across all the platforms and directories. It’s that easy.

Prep All Your Branch Locations for Voice Search

We analyzed over 73,000 business locations in our 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report to see whether they are voice search ready.

The percentage of financial services businesses that are optimised for voice is a mere 1.60%.

Financial and insurance services brands that want to boost their visibility online when consumers are conducting 'near me' search queries must get their branch locations voice ready or they will lose a large proportion of potential customers to their competitors.

Give Your Agents, Advisors and Branch Managers

Manage your online presence from head office, while giving your local branches the power to show off their promotions and educational content from the locations they manage.

From one easy-to-use, centralised platform your local branch managers across the city (or countries) can respond to reviews in seconds, upload images from a branch-sponsored charity event.

You decide how many people have access to individual features at the local level: from setting editing and approval rights, to responding to customer reviews.

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