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Increase Local SEO Ranking and Drive Foot Traffic With a Streamlined User Experience

Store locator and landing pages

A powerful online store finder along with location pages, optimised for maximum local SEO impact.

Built-in SEO

The addition of metadata such as opening hours, addresses, phone numbers and others ensures all search engine crawlers recognise the information and return it at the top of search result pages.

Dashboard features include:

city/state pages
responsive design
tagged content 
local URL structure

Easy management

Ensure consistency across your brand’s online footprint and optimise your local search ranking results through one central management portal as a single source of truth.

Automatically sync updates and changes in real-time across all networks.

Reach More Customers at the Local Level

Integrated SEO

Optimised location pages will boost SEO rankings and help you pop to the top of organic search results.

  • Each store page is fully indexed in Google and will rank as an individual search result.

  • The store finder is housed directly on your current website domain, so you’ll only have to maintain one site.

  • Options to add more detail with structured data markups, URL formatting and customizable content lists.

Easily integrated and customised

A plug-and-play widget is easily added to any website, directly integrating into your current domain.

Our flexible customization options easily align with your brand and make your creatives happy.

Standout to consumers when and where they are looking for you

Mobile responsive user interface

Locator + Pages creates a better user experience across all devices, capturing a growing number of mobile users looking for locations “near me.”

One-click action buttons make it easy for your customers to instantly get in touch or find directions.

Advanced Analytics

With Advanced Analytics you get a full overview of the impact of your location marketing campaigns, show the impact of your efforts, and take meaningful actions based on data. Find out more about Advanced Analytics.

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Analytics integration

Our Store Locator + Local Pages is integrated directly onto your current website domain, so you can see all visits in your usual Google Analytics account.

There’s no need to monitor two Google Analytics pages, you can see an aggregate view of all website traffic and location data insights, providing a holistic view of your user flow.

Full API accessibility

Retrieve information of all your locations from Listings via API and show them in a map on your current store locator.

Create your own local pages with location details via API.

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