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The Quickest Route from Online to Local Purchase

Whether a potential customer has a moment of inspiration, a sudden craving, or a “need it now” situation, getting from Point A to local purchase has never been easier.
Locator helps customers easily find the nearest location from your website, while Local Pages provide location-specific information and a clear path to purchase.

CoreX - Locator & Local Pages
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21% influence on local search rank from Local webpage signals.

- Uberall/MomentFeed data

CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Drive Traffic to Your Website With Local Pages

Ensure a top spot for your nearest location on whatever discovery network a customer might use – maps, search engines, and voice assistants. Local Pages auto-generate unique, search-optimized web pages that make every location in your universe shine.

  • Individual location pages are optimized for web and voice search
  • Structured data markups and URL formatting provide richer information for web crawlers
  • Mobile-responsive interface for ‘on the go’ navigation

Turn Your Website Into a Local Sales On-Ramp

Help website visitors effortlessly navigate to your physical locations with the Locator plugin on your own domain website. Customers can intuitively zoom in, search by text and combine filters like ‘open now’ and ‘parking available,’ to get a head start on their purchase.

  • Advanced filtering options for quick and easy navigation
  • Show off positive reviews, photos, menus, and more
  • CTA buttons for directions, bookings and other conversions
CoreX - Locator & Local Pages
CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Keep All Your Data in Its Lane

Accurate and consistent data about your locations - from your opening hours to your address - is critical for building consumer trust and improving local search rank. Locator and Local Pages pull data directly from a central source of truth — Uberall’s Mission Control. That means people browsing the web get the same information no matter where they look, with no extra effort from you.

  • Reliable, real-time data sync from the Uberall platform
  • Content Collections centralize access to rich content like menu items
  • API integrations enable reliable, consistent updates

The Fast Lane to Beautifully Branded Local Pages

Get up and running quickly with plug-and-play widgets that can be added to your corporate website. You can also tweak styles, colors, and layout to match your brand’s look and feel. Plus, Locator and Local Pages are housed on your current domain, so you’ll only need to maintain one site.

  • Customize map styles, pins, and layout easily to your brand
  • Auto-generate pages for every location to save time and effort
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics for a central view of website performance
CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Uberall CoreX
The Hybrid Customer Experience Platform

CoreX - Local Social

Local Social

Turn social into sales with engaging, local content.

CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Locator & Local Pages

Convert web traffic with a clear path to purchase.

CoreX - Listings


Control your listings across 125+ networks.

CoreX - Reviews


Monitor, improve,  and protect your online reputation.


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