Locator + Pages

Attract more foot-traffic with an optimized landing page for each location

Help your customers find your nearest location with Locator + Pages—a comprehensive tool that centralizes listings management and optimizes location pages for maximum local search and SEO impact. Our plug-and-play widget will quickly integrate Locator + Pages into your current website, and you can customize based on your organization’s design and content needs.

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Display all of your retail locations on an easy-to-read map view that will direct customers to your door. Users can zoom in or out for details, or click into individual locations to see your dedicated store landing page.


Boost SEO and attract customers to your locations with pages created specifically for each storefront. Customize information to include opening hours, upcoming events, special holidays, contact information, store offers, pictures, and more.

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Integrated SEO

Optimized location pages will boost SEO rankings and help you pop to the top of organic search results. Each store page is fully indexed in Google, and will rank as an individual search result—giving your domain more authority and helping you rank in location search. Add more detail with structured data markups, URL formatting and customizable content lists.

Centralized Data Management

Save time and effort by using Locator + Pages to centralize your data and manage it in one place. Update once and the Location Marketing Cloud will accurately sync your new information out to all channels and networks.

Easily Integrated and Customized

Skip the lengthy design process and get your store pages in front of customers faster. Directly integrate store finder and store pages to your website in a few simple steps, and use our flexible customization options to easily align with your brand and make your creatives happy.

Mobile Responsive User Interface

Reach mobile users when and where they are looking for you. Locator + Pages creates a better user experience across all devices, capturing a growing number of mobile users looking for locations “near me”. One-click action buttons make it easy for your customers to instantly get in touch or find directions.

Analytics Integration

See all visits and clicks for your store finder and store pages in your Google Analytics account, along with the usual website insights. Locator + Pages integrates directly onto your website domain, and offers a holistic and complete view of your user traffic and engagement.

Full API Accessibility

Every part of the Location Marketing Cloud is fully accessible through the Uberall API. For Locator + Pages, this means easy and efficient creation and ongoing maintenance, through direct API calls.