Control Center

Manage your location data centrally and in real-time

Manage all your locations, whether one or ten-thousand. The Control Center makes it possible.

Control all your location data from one easy-to-use place.
The Control Center ensures comfortable management right-away.

Comfortable data import and export

The Control Center makes importing and exporting data effortlessly smooth. You can update of all your listings in just a few clicks. In addition, the Cloud makes it possible to exchange your data with other programs safely.

Single point of truth for all your data

The Control Center is the heart of the Location Marketing Cloud: It’s where you store and manage all your location data. Use this data to:

  • Create and update all your profiles across the Listings Network
  • Monitor customer feedback across all channels
  • Target and engage customers across all locations
  • Place location-specific offers and actions
  • Implement a store-finder with individually curated landing pages

Real-time data management

The Cloud-based infrastructure of our toolkit ensures that your data is always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.

With direct API connections to Google My Business, Facebook, and many directories and navigation systems, your listings can be updated at any time in real-time.

That's digital location marketing, made simple.