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Never miss another customer review, with email notifications from uberall Engage
February 1, 2018
uberall blog image - review notificationsReviews your customers leave online are a critical factor in your offline sales. Make sure you never lose sight of your online reputation - with real-time review notifications from uberall Engage. more
Facebook Is Competing with Google for the Growing “Near me” Mobile Shopper Market: Here’s What That Means for Marketing Your Business
November 3, 2017
Smart phones have changed the way businesses lure foot traffic into their stores. Consumers increasingly turn to their phones to determine where locally to eat out, shop, or request professional services. This mobile surge has resulted in the “near me” search phenomenon. To be found by consumers, businesses must fine-tune their Location Marketing to be two steps ahead in the modern, mobile-dependent economy. more
Send more customers to your stores through Google Posts!
October 12, 2017
From now on, reaching customers will be even easier - all you need is Google Posts. The breakthrough feature is initially available for businesses with up to 10 locations and enables you to post offers and news directly within the search results. Take full advantage of the power of Google Posts, with uberall Engage. more
ONLINE RESEARCH ‧ OFFLINE PURCHASE - The new customer journey
May 30, 2017
Blog main image - ROPO
You may think people who seek products online also make their purchases online, but nothing could be further from the truth. 80% of consumers make online searches for businesses in their local area with online reviews having a significant impact on purchase decisions for 58%. At uberall, we want to use our Location Marketing Cloud to ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your branches. more
Around the world with iGlobal and uberall
May 17, 2017
Blog main image iGlobal

iGlobal is the latest directory added to the uberall Listings Network, extending opportunities and reach for uberall customers’ locations in over 60 countries worldwide with a focus on South America. This Argentinian directory is primarily intended for local businesses, freelancers, and companies operating a chain of outlets. With over 1 million page views a month, it’s an essential instrument for globally active companies. more
How to use online reviews to save your business money
April 26, 2017
Online Reputation Management. You might be forgiven for thinking it means sitting around on social media, making sure any negative reviews or comments are properly dealt with. But Online Reputation Management (ORM) is so much more than this - as uberall MD and Co-Founder Florian Huebner wrote in Street Fight Magazine earlier this month, ORM can be so much more to a business, if a company collects and uses that information strategically. more
Multi-location business: uberall is your guide to Facebook Location success
February 10, 2017
uberall Guide to Facebook Locations - main image
Using the new uberall Guide to Facebook, chain stores can achieve maximum Facebook presence for all their store locations. Maximize your local visibility in the world’s biggest social network and beyond. more
Engage: A new era in Local Presence Management
November 9, 2016
Engage, respond and drive your sales: uberall has launched its comprehensive social engagement platform for clients and partners. Engage enables businesses to make more sales by influencing potential customers’ purchasing decisions at key moments in the sales cycle. more
Customer Reviews as Purchasing Factors - the Chance of Increased Revenue through Reputation Management
February 8, 2016

What used to be done through mouth-to-mouth promotion by friends and colleagues, nowadays is accomplished through online customer reviews. The visualization of rankings through stars or points allows for a simple quality assessment of a product or service. Rating portals are booming: they help to organize the clutter of online offers and depending on their trustworthiness come close to the credibility of a quality seal or test report. That’s why companies and retailers need to invest in great reputation management. Or in other words, great traditional customer service with a modern twist: visibility on every channel. more