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Black Friday: 5 Ways Location Marketing Can Help Your Business Make Better Sales
November 20, 2017
Black Friday is imminent. Eager consumers across the country are already planning which stores to visit, and where locally to start their holiday shopping. Participating businesses will work hard all week to maximize their promotions and train holiday staff for what will be the single greatest sales’ event of the whole year. more
Google goes social: Posts directly in search results
July 14, 2017
uberall blog main image google posts
Just when you thought Google couldn’t be any more valuable for your company, it goes ahead and develops a postings feature so you can reach your customers. The feature will drive Google’s development as a social platform - making uberall even more relevant for your business. more
ONLINE RESEARCH ‧ OFFLINE PURCHASE - The new customer journey
May 30, 2017
Blog main image - ROPO
You may think people who seek products online also make their purchases online, but nothing could be further from the truth. 80% of consumers make online searches for businesses in their local area with online reviews having a significant impact on purchase decisions for 58%. At uberall, we want to use our Location Marketing Cloud to ensure that consumers who are searching for your products also find their way into your branches. more
Citation Building is more important than ever
March 13, 2017
uberall offers best practice citation building
It builds local online presence for websites, which is pretty important in a world where half of all Google searches have a local reference. This is mainly due to the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), where consumers search online for a product or service which they then use or buy offline. Local businesses need their search results to be prominently displayed so to capitalize on the ROPO trend. more
NEW from uberall and Yelp: Getting local business global coverage through the Location Marketing Cloud
March 1, 2017

We have a big announcement to make today. We recently brought you comparative Google My Business and Facebook Location insights, and released our Engage module - the best tool around for local business reputation management. And today, we’re excited to bring you another slice of big digital location marketing news. more
Multi-location business: uberall is your guide to Facebook Location success
February 10, 2017
uberall Guide to Facebook Locations - main image
Using the new uberall Guide to Facebook, chain stores can achieve maximum Facebook presence for all their store locations. Maximize your local visibility in the world’s biggest social network and beyond. more
Micro-moments in the year of local search
January 4, 2017

In 2017, marketers need to be present in consumers’ micro-moments. This means finding ways to be inviting, reassuring and useful in a local sense. What’s more, brands will have to do it while navigating a world that is, in many ways, divided. more
Black Friday the local way
November 24, 2016
Black Friday is upon us.Despite sounding like a horrific event from Game of Thrones, it’s simply the name given to the day after the American holiday Thanksgiving. It falls on the first day of the Christmas Shopping season, and describes the massive discounts available to consumers.  

Well, that’s putting it mildly. Black Friday is an out-and-out shopping extravaganza. It’s the leading day of the year for in-store spending in the US, and this trend is spreading to European shores. Last year, American shoppers spent a whopping $67,560,000,000 in-store on Black Friday. With such astronomical figures up for grabs, we provide three key things you need to do make sure you make Black Friday a fixture in your calendar year. more
Local Citations: Good references for your company’s business profile
August 22, 2016
If you want Google to trust you, you need some good references. Curated, consistent citations give you the references you need to earn that trust.

We all know Google provides instant search results - you don’t have to type in all relevant keywords for the engine to offer appropriate results, but just one or two keywords for Google to offer potential, completed results. Google therefore ‘crawls’ the web constantly for new, interesting and relevant content. more