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"Near Me" Searches Help Consumers Decide What They Need and Where to Get It

By: Tehsin Daya, VP of Business Development, North America

Search queries that include “near me” have been growing rapidly in the last few years, making it a crucial keyword for your clients to target — whether big or small. A recent Think with Google post detailed how “near me” searches not only lead consumers where they want to go, but also help them decide on the goods and services they want in the first place. Search users are becoming more open to discovering new ideas, new products, and new locations.

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New Uberall Survey Finds That 82% of Mobile Shoppers Do ‘Near Me’ Searches

By Josha Benner, Co-Founder of Uberall, Inc.

“Near me” searches have exploded. In fact, a Google study found that mobile “near me” searches – localized mobile searches for brands and products close by – have increased by 200%. Today’s consumers prioritize proximity over brand loyalty more than ever before.

So to dig deeper into shopper preferences regarding “near me” searches, we at Uberall recently surveyed more than a thousand smartphone users across the U.S. Here’s a closer look at our findings.

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The World is Our Storefront

In Part 1 of this series, The New Mental Gymnastics of Mobile Retailing, we introduced the idea that treating or saying that mobile is the start of every consumer journey is a disservice to the true awe and power of mobile, especially in a world where the traditional lines and frameworks we have used to understand consumer behavior are blurring. Today we look deeper into just how quickly technology could blur these lines ever further. 

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Business Locations for Voice Search

Many businesses are asking the same question right now: Does the introduction of voice search technology change the way I should advertise online? To help your business succeed, we’ve compiled the most advantageous changes you can make to your online presence to ensure your store, gas station, restaurant, or boutique shop locations stand out from their competitors.

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Black Friday: 5 Ways Location Marketing Can Help Your Business Make Better Sales

Black Friday is imminent. Eager consumers across the country are already planning which stores to visit, and where locally to start their holiday shopping. Participating businesses will work hard all week to maximize their promotions and train holiday staff for what will be the single greatest sales’ event of the whole year.

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Facebook Is Competing with Google for the Growing “Near me” Mobile Shopper Market: Here’s What That Means for Marketing Your Business

Smart phones have changed the way businesses lure foot traffic into their stores. Consumers increasingly turn to their phones to determine where locally to eat out, shop, or request professional services. This mobile surge has resulted in the “near me” search phenomenon. To be found by consumers, businesses must fine-tune their Location Marketing to be two steps ahead in the modern, mobile-dependent economy.

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