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Around the world with iGlobal and uberall
May 17, 2017
Blog main image iGlobal

iGlobal is the latest directory added to the uberall Listings Network, extending opportunities and reach for uberall customers’ locations in over 60 countries worldwide with a focus on South America. This Argentinian directory is primarily intended for local businesses, freelancers, and companies operating a chain of outlets. With over 1 million page views a month, it’s an essential instrument for globally active companies. more
Waze & Uber - two strong networks in the Listings Network from uberall
April 13, 2017
Waze and Uber are two of the most talked about companies in the world. Waze, the Israeli Startup makes traffic flow simpler through millions of user data-points, and Uber, the California-based pioneer in mobility. Both are changing the way we think about transportation, and you, as an uberall customer can take advantage of this trend - that’s why we’ve prepared the following points for you. more