Digital Location Marketing know how for the tag: Google Local Pack

Your very own booking service, directly within Google Search and Maps
August 15, 2017
With uberall, you can influence the Google Local Pack like never before. We give you a special action button which allows your customers to make appointments, orders, and reservations directly within the Google search results. more
Citation Building is more important than ever
March 13, 2017
uberall offers best practice citation building
It builds local online presence for websites, which is pretty important in a world where half of all Google searches have a local reference. This is mainly due to the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), where consumers search online for a product or service which they then use or buy offline. Local businesses need their search results to be prominently displayed so to capitalize on the ROPO trend. more
"Suggest an edit" in Google: uberall protects location data
February 7, 2017
Suggest an edit in Google - Main image
Google locations can be edited with just a few clicks by any user. In this precarious situation, uberall offers franchised companies sustainable data security. more
Risks of unverified Google My Business listings
November 4, 2016
Not verifying Google My Business has consequences for both a business’s online presence and offline sales. uberall gives companies control over their Google Locations whilst boosting local visibility.
Location in the spotlight

Small and medium-sized businesses as well as big chain store companies depend on full control over their location data and touch points on the internet to hold their ground in local online marketing. more
Local Citations: Good references for your company’s business profile
August 22, 2016
If you want Google to trust you, you need some good references. Curated, consistent citations give you the references you need to earn that trust.

We all know Google provides instant search results - you don’t have to type in all relevant keywords for the engine to offer appropriate results, but just one or two keywords for Google to offer potential, completed results. Google therefore ‘crawls’ the web constantly for new, interesting and relevant content. more
6 Steps to optimize your ranking on Google’s local search
May 9, 2016
Google has abolished the right side ads, increasing the number of ad spots above the local search results to four. The competition is intensifying for the best local rankings, but the search engine reveals how to move your way up to the top. more
Snack Pack now – Google’s wake-up call to all retailers and service providers
January 18, 2016

Google has recently modified its “Local Pack”. The search engine juggernaut now only displays three search results in the “Local Pack”, instead of the previous seven. In addition, users do not longer see all information about the business or branch. What implications does this have for the online findability of stationary retailers and service providers? more