Uberall gives back to Berlin

At Uberall, we understand the importance of location - all our work goes into making businesses and stores more interesting and inviting for consumers. However, not everyone has the privilege of enjoying safe spaces to live and work. That’s why over the Christmas holidays, we made donations to several Berlin-based charities that are working to improve the lives of people without reliable and secure accommodation.

Strassenkinder e.V.

As Christmas rolled around, we made a small cash donation to Strassenkinder.e.V. - an organization that is helping young people in precarious situations with reliable and secure accommodation. We believe everyone deserves such space, especially those at such a vulnerable age. We hope to work closer with the organization in the future, and help make Berlin an even more inviting place to live.

Kaeltenothilfe and Berliner Stadtmission

We also collected clothing and sleeping material donations from within the organization to donate to the Kaeltenothilfe, an organization dedicated to relieving the homeless situation in Berlin through targeted donations and events. The organization relies on donations provided by members of the public, and hosts get-togethers to raise awareness for the homeless across the city, including on Christmas day. We also made a similar donation to the Berlin Stadtmission - an organization with dedicated rooms for people in precarious situations, and one that also accepts donations.

You can find out more about each of the organizations by clicking the links above. We were very happy to work with them, and we hope to repeat the act this year. For more information about Uberall, get in contact: hello@uberall.com.