Headed to Groceryshop or ANA Masters of Marketing in October? See you there!

Will you be at Groceryshop or the ANA Masters of Marketing show in October? So will we!

Most retail locations and chains don’t take full advantage of the mobile/online listings, apps, and social engagement that can drive foot traffic to stores.  Are you doing everything you could be doing to increase customers to your locations?

We can help you find out.

Our location marketing experts would be happy to assess your listings and activity, offering some insights into how to optimize and win more customers. Spend just fifteen minutes with us at Groceryshop or ANA in October, and we’ll share an assessment of your digital brand health from our experts—giving you a full rundown on where you can improve, and key opportunities you might be missing that you can action as soon as you get home.  

We’ll also provide you with a free copy of our new guide: How to Attract & Win Mobile Shoppers, a 16-page guide that takes you step by step through exactly how today’s mobile-savvy shoppers buy, with smart tips on how to reach them, including:

  • How today’s shoppers use technology to buy
  • Which tools, channels and platforms you should be using
  • How to optimize for local search and win more revenue

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