Nurture more advocates with Uberall’s new Google My Business API integration

Discover the powerful consumer engagement features at your fingertips with the new Google My Business API update. A truly exciting development for location marketing.

Today marks an exciting new Google My Business API release, including an enhanced set of consumer engagement features. Businesses of all sizes can now engage with consumers further down the funnel, driving their intention to purchase.

This is an important development for location marketing, and an invaluable addition to any successful location marketing strategy. Google Questions & Answers enables businesses to respond to consumer queries, develop a deeper understanding of the information that matters and post valuable information by sharing tailored FAQs.

Enterprises will also be delighted to see the addition of price lists to create more valuable, location-driven content on Google listings, further enticing consumers though the doors.

The new Google API v4.3 is fully integrated with Uberall, so customers can already benefit from the powerful new features:

  • Discover your local market: Discover more about your target market, by finding out what matters to them, as well as the perception of your brand, through Google Questions & Answers. What kind of questions are consumers asking? How many up-votes are questions receiving? Who is answering? And are they answering correctly? This powerful new feature allows you to monitor, respond and delve into all these insights directly from your Uberall inbox. 
  • Tailor location specific information: Create and post your own tailored FAQs from your Uberall platform, to ensure key information is targeting local consumers already showing an interest in your brand.
  • Create greater content: Originally focused on food-related content, such as menus, businesses can now include prices of even more products and services on their Google listings. More in-depth content provides more value to consumers and increases the opportunity to appear in search results. 
  • Delve deeper into search metrics: Advancements to chain membership in the previous Google API update, means businesses can now see the number of times a location was shown when searching for the chain it belongs to. This is great for multi-location brands to delve even further into search metrics.
  • Express your brand’s personality: Photo descriptions will now be set as captions when uploading them to Google listings, so you can truly create a personality for your brand and entice more customers to engage with you.

Access all these features and more, directly from one platform. Contact our experts for more information!