Local Marketing Re-Emerges In The Age Of The Customer

When these tech-savvy consumers search, they expect to find not only relevant products and services—but also ones conveniently located near them. To reach them, national and regional brands cannot rely on national level advertising. We have to bring marketing to them at the local level.

Listen to our guest speaker Forrester Analyst, Collin Colburn and Uberall’s Josha Benner as they talk about the impact of mobile technology on how customers find and search for information today, how enterprise brands can better market their products and services to increase discovery locally and drive customers into stores. We will also share advice on leveraging and consolidating local search technologies to easily bring your business into alignment with these new trends.

You will learn:

  • How technology is changing the way your customers shop
  • Tips to amplify your local brand online presence
  • How to leverage location marketing technology to drive sales

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