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Voice Search Study: 73,000 Business Locations Analyzed - One of the Largest Ever Conducted

After analyzing more than 73,000 SMB, mid-market and enterprise business locations in one of the largest voice search studies ever conducted, Uberall has released the findings of its pioneering 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report.

By creating this extensive 40-page report, we set out to answer one simple question - ‘are businesses voice search ready?’

After identifying the 37 directories that are most important for feeding voice search platforms, we came up with a percentage-based analysis (from 0-100%) that used missing and erroneous business information as a factor to determine voice search readiness.

Our findings were surprising. After defining voice search readiness, we found that only 4% of business locations have no errors or missing information across Google, Yelp and Bing - the most important directories for feeding voice search platforms - and that the vast majority of businesses are severely underperforming in voice search readiness.

Also surprising is that almost half of all business locations have missing or inaccurate opening hours. This is particularly troubling considering that incorrect opening hours is one of the easiest ways to turn customers off your brand.

A majority of businesses aren’t voice search ready. However, with so much information out there regarding voice search optimization and voice search readiness already, why are SMBs, enterprise and mid-market businesses failing to meet voice search readiness standards across the board?

To address this problem, we analyzed the top voice search queries online:

  • What does voice search readiness mean?
  • How can I measure voice search optimization?
  • How can a business become voice search optimized?
  • What is the future of voice search?
  • Why should I care about voice search?

Each of these questions have been asked and answered in the voice search report to provide you with a comprehensive way of understanding voice search readiness, measuring your own business location optimization and helping you to get voice search ready.

Get your copy of the 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report to make sure that your business is voice search ready.