Introducing Next Generation Sentiment Analysis and Other Major Platform Enhancements

Last quarter, MomentFeed announced it had raised $10 million to invest in development and customer success and along with it, delivered a promise to innovate faster than any other SaaS platform in our market. Today, we're announcing four major innovations that deliver on that promise. A promise that is rooted in the company's obsession to have its clients outrank all others in the Google 3-Pack and receive the majority of local search engagement and subsequent business. The company's Proximity Search Optimization platform is uniquely designed to optimize every known search signal - whether from location data, business listings or reviews - and ensures they're working together to boost ranking, visibility and the customer experience.

Let's take a look at each innovation and how it advances proximity discovery:

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis employs a breakthrough neuro-linguistic engine, developed by Google and MomentFeed, to monitor customers' experience and stay in front of trends.
  • Automated Review Response provides a new, intelligent way to automate and personalize responses to no-comment reviews.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool ensures marketers always have the top performing keywords on hand to perfect content and improve proximity search ranking.
  • Expansion Network delivers direct, real-time connections to the best, most authoritative, most visited sites and directories.

These recent product enhancements from MomentFeed are part of our commitment to provide the best single platform for proximity search optimization. These are just the latest innovations in a series of game-changing advancements that customers can expect from MomentFeed. No one in the industry is innovating as quickly as MomentFeed.