Apple Maps for Business, Why You Should Care

Building on our recent listings data announcements with Apple Maps and following some client questions, we thought we'd explain what validates Apple Maps for business as a must-manage platform. Please keep the blog feedback coming, and if there are any other elements of the local ecosystem readers want to hear our views on, don't be shy, feel free to reach out.

Unlock the value of Apple Maps.

Is Apple Maps for Business worth the hassle?

The above question has probably been asked of Uberall hundreds of times since we launched our partnership with Apple Maps back in 2016.

The answer is unequivocal, yes. It was yes then, it's yes today, and it's only going to become a louder YES into the future.

Apple Map's high-intent utility + large user base = a large volume of quality leads for businesses and quality leads convert to sales.

Apple Maps Users are High-Intent Buyers that Convert Fast

Apple Maps is a navigation platform first and search engine second.

  • What it's not: Apple Maps is NOT typically used to loosely browse, do deep research and come back later.
  • What it is: Apple Maps is opened by the user with high intent to find a nearby business. Typically a user will conduct a quick "near me" or "along route" search, scan ratings and core info like location, hours and amenities, and in most cases, directions are generated or phone calls are made and users are on their way to a purchase.

When an Apple Maps user conducts a search they are close to making up their mind or have already made up their mind and need to get to your store efficiently. Short consideration, fast conversion — two killer lead characteristics any marketer likes to hear.

The Apple Maps User Base is Massive

Next, let's prove out the Apple Maps user base a bit more. For those search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing nerds who over-index Google Maps and believe Apple Maps is miles behind, here's some data for you:

  1. Apple has over 1.4 billion users of its devices globally. Apple Maps is pre-baked into all Apple devices.
  2. Apple Maps has matured and is doing a great job at being the go-to maps platform for the iOS user. Even back in 2018 before many of its recent improvements shipped, Apple shared that Apple Maps is used 3X more amongst iOS users than its closest competitor.
  3. In the U.S., Comscore reports iOS holds a slight majority market share over Android and other smartphone platforms (51%).
  4. Because Apple doesn't officially release user data, we need to use other sources and reports to make our estimation but rest assured when we do, it easily gets tier 1 status.
    1. Today U.S. census data's ‘population clock' estimates the U.S. population at 330 million.
    2. In July 2019, U.S. census data estimated the U.S. adult population to be 77.7% of the total population. Applying that percentage to 330 million = 256 million.
    3. Also in 2019, Pew Research reported 81% of U.S. adults to have a smartphone. Applying that percentage to the entire U.S. adult population of 256 million = 207 million.
    4. Now take that 207 million and apply Apple's market share of 51%. You're at 106 million U.S. adult iOS smartphone users. This userpool doesn't even include Apple Watch, iPad users, or those individuals under 18 years of age (82% of which own iPhones over Androids).
    5. Next, we need to estimate those 106 million, who stay loyal to Apple and use their Maps app most versus others. Straight away, let's leave (a generous) 15 million aside for exclusively Waze, MapQuest, and other map platform users.
    6. Now you just have Google. Going back to the report where Apple Maps is used 3X more, you split the remaining 91M 75/25 and you've just calculated Apple Maps has 68 million U.S. adult users. Said differently, one in five of the total U.S. adult population are Apple Maps users — AT LEAST!

Bottom Line: Apple Maps has the utility and user base to be a primary focus of your local SEO and business listing management program. Brands should prioritize Apple Maps above all others, bar Google, and demand their agency partners do the same. A third-party vendor like Uberall that has a long-standing partnership with Apple Maps for business can have a massive impact on your local visibility on this critical platform.

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