Mission Control

A Single Source of Truth for Every Location

Mission Control gives you real-time, round-the-clock control over your business information, everywhere it’s found online.


of people confirm a business’ location before visiting for the first time


of people lose trust in a business with inaccurate listing information


more visibility in unbranded search for businesses with complete listings

Keep Your Data In Sync

Inaccurate location information hurts your visibility in local search, which adds up to significant revenue loss. Manage every location’s opening hours, contact details, products, services, and much more—from one source of truth to everywhere online.

  • API integrations with our partner network ensure data is always up-to-date and matches the source.

  • Platform integrations push changes directly to local listings, map apps, directories, social media, store locators, and local web pages.

  • Content Collections let you centrally manage menus, people, products, and services across all your locations.

Maintain Data Accuracy

Uberall never sleeps on the listings accuracy job. Keep your data meticulously clean, consistent, and correct, with assisted workflows and advanced AI.

  • Unique data enhancement formats and validates data to the strictest publisher standards.

  • Rooftop pin placement ensures location coordinates match their street addresses.

  • Single sign-on and two-factor authentication ensure only the right people have data access.

Bring The Team on Board

Empower everyone from corporate marketers to store managers to manage the data they know best, while protecting your brand and data integrity.

  • Customizable access allows you to control who can do what and shows users the views relevant to them.

  • Intuitive UI and mobile app make it easy to manage data like a pro while on the go.

  • Custom labels let you group locations and use them as filters for bulk changes, reports, and granting user access.

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