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Locator + Pages

Attract More Foot Traffic With Unique Landing Pages

Convert online searches into in-person sales. A store locator and individual business location pages will help you connect your brand’s locations and the stores that sell your products to nearby prospects with information relevant to their search. 

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Make it Easy for Consumers to Find Your Clients

An optimised store locator and individual store location pages on your website increase your local SEO rankings because of relevant information on each page, such as opening hours, location address and phone numbers.

Reach More Customers at the Local Level

More and more search platforms are integrating location-based data into their search results. So when someone searches for your clients’ services or products, they should be able to find their nearest location to make a purchase easily. 

Create Custom Location Pages

From a single source of truth, easily create customized individual store location pages with operating hours and locally relevant content such as menus, upcoming events, store offers, pictures and more.  

Build Better Connections with Consumers

Each brand location can have its own individual location page, making it easy for customers to get in touch or find directions to your clients store via their mobile phone.                    

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