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Bring The Pieces of The Data Puzzle Together

Data is power. But all too often marketers spend hours pulling data from  multiple systems to piece together some semblance of understanding around marketing effectiveness. 

Bring ALL the data behind your local CX strategy into one system for a complete picture of how people find, experience, and interact with your business locations online and in the real world. Use this data to power decisions that improve customer experience and business performance.

CoreX - Analytics

20% of marketing spend is saved by having integrated marketing & analytics.

- Uberall/MomentFeed Data

CoreX - Analytics

Hear What Customers Are Saying

Online reviews provide valuable, real-time insight into customer experience.  Uncover key themes and patterns in your customer reviews so you can double down on what works and fix what doesn’t, increasing loyalty and shoring up your reputation.

  • Sentiment analysis for industry-relevant, quantitative and qualitative insights into customer feedback
  • Total reviews and average rating to track your online reputation
  • Review reply rate to positive and negative reviews

Nerd Out on the Data

Analytics is a treasure trove of rich data across all your locations. Track how your key metrics are trending over time across all the local discovery networks that matter including search engines, navigation apps, review sites and more. Select one or many locations to uncover what is driving topline performance. 

  • Filter by account, label, city, location, and more
  • Compare performance across time and locations
  • Export via CSV for even more flexibility
CoreX - Analytics
CoreX - Analytics

See the Big Picture

How effective is your local CX strategy? Quickly see the impact of your efforts  across the full marketing funnel from awareness, interactions, and conversions.

  • See how your locations are showing up in search for top non-branded and branded keywords
  • Get total impressions and views down to a single location
  • Measure online-to-offline conversion with clicks to call, directions, and in-store visits
  • Analyze local ad campaign effectiveness with CPC and CTR

Uberall CoreX, The Local Customer Experience Platform

CoreX - Listings


Control your listings across 125+ networks.

CoreX - Reviews


Monitor, improve,  and protect your online reputation.

CoreX - Local Ads

Local Ads

Maximize return on investment with geo targeted ads.

CoreX - Local Social

Local Social

Turn social into sales with engaging, local content.

CoreX - Locator & Local Pages

Locator & Local Pages

Convert web traffic with a clear path to purchase.


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