How GoSite Cleaned Up Client Listings and Increased Revenue



duplicate listings suppressed




increase in average profile completeness for active locations

“Uberall has been an amazing partner for Gosite, all the way from initial engagement to planning to implementation and support. And then there’s the value side—Uberall creates opportunities that help GoSite grow our business and drive more value for our customers.”

Alex Barnett

Head of Platform and Product Partnerships, GoSite


As an all-in-one work operating system for home services & small businesses, GoSite provides its users with tools that help them manage business on-the-go. Through reviews, messaging, booking, payments, and more, GoSite powers the modern customer journey for 4000+ local SMBs in the U.S.

After facing a series of challenges with its previous Listings and Reputation Management provider, Yext, GoSite turned to Uberall for help. Collaborating with a partner like Uberall was a breath of fresh air for GoSite, especially after dealing with vendor lock and communication issues with Yext.

Shortly following the start of the partnership with Uberall, GoSite began to see results, including opportunities to increase revenue, decrease churn, and grow globally.


GoSite boasts an all-in-one platform that offers CRM, payment processing, reputation management, website building, email campaigns, and listings. With so many moving parts and offerings, having flexible, mutually beneficial partnerships is key for GoSite.

GoSite had previously entrusted its listings and reputation offerings to Yext, but the relationship was failing to meet GoSite’s shifting needs. A higher-than-necessary minimum spend, lack of clarity regarding directory connections, and an unwillingness to renegotiate contractual terms left GoSite looking for other options.


When exploring alternatives to Yext, the team at GoSite found Uberall. Uberall’s solution ticked the boxes Yext couldn’t, including:

  • Flexibility on terms.

  • The ability to expand globally.

  • A detailed, personalized onboarding process.

  • A smooth migration process free of technical headaches.

Now backed by a partner with formidable technology, a global reach, and excellent quality of service, GoSite began to reap the fruits of its relationship with Uberall.


GoSite’s partnership with Uberall has opened the door for more upsell and cross sell opportunities. Additionally, GoSite’s churn rate has fallen to 0.69% for customers leveraging Uberall’s offering, and listings are now more accurate than ever—Uberall’s solution has helped suppress 2,550 duplicate listings and there’s been a 2% increase in average profile completeness for active locations.

And a partnership with Uberall isn’t just a technical one. The Uberall team takes initiative when it comes to sharing market knowledge and educating partners on things like business growth.

With a partner like Uberall by its side, the future is bright for GoSite—especially as the company looks to increase its revenue and expand globally.