Cousins Subs Boosts Mobile App Downloads by 42%

  • 42%

    Increase in mobile app downloads

  • 63%

    of total mobile and desktop online ordering traffic driven by local search and local social ads

"With Uberall, we’ve been able to increase location accuracy—which helped improve local awareness, in-store foot traffic, mobile ordering, and overall sales at our restaurants."

VP of Marketing

Cousins Subs


Become the Go-To Neighborhood Sub Shop

Cousins Subs set out to establish itself as the go-to neighborhood sub shop by building a strong local brand presence and connecting with customers at the precise moment that were searching for lunch or dinner options. To make this effort measurable, Cousins Subs sought to increase mobile app downloads and consequently, increase related online orders.


Update and Cleanse Listings Data

Uberall worked with Cousins Subs to, first, audit the accuracy of the location data and local pages for each location (identifying hundreds of errors), then cleanse and update those data inaccuracies across more than 300 core network aggregators and social channels.

Localize Social Ad Efforts

Uberall Also collaborated with Cousins to quantify the role that local social ads play when paired with location data accuracy, relevancy, and completeness. Social ad campaigns previously pointed to Cousin's brand-level website and were run at a national level. With Uberall Cousins was now able to localize national ad campaigns, improving their return on advertising spend (ROAS) and further amplifying mobile app downloads and online orders.