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Local Analytics

How In-Depth Data Can Help You Maximise Your Business Impact

As an Uberall customer, you can easily help local consumers find your stores and engage with your brand. But how do you know where to optimise your local marketing strategy to maximise your results?

Today, marketing professionals need to understand how they perform as well as to make the right data-driven decisions for their local marketing strategy. 

Advanced Analytics helps you understand and grow your impact on the local, regional and global level. Let us show you how: 

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“This has opened the door to numerous possibilities for analysing data”

Where Do Customers Rate You Best? (Or Worst?)

Consumers rely on the judgement of your customers before making a buying decision. Your average rating is a crucial conversion factor. The good news is that you can improve your ratings. 

Before you start employing your reputation management strategy, you need to know where improvements are needed. Advanced Analytics tells you which countries, regions or cities you should prioritise. 

Which Stores Suffer from Bad Ratings?

If your average rating overall is great, how do you identify those stores that underperform and could seriously damage your reputation? 

Scatter graphs in Advanced Analytics give you full oversight at a glance and allow you to quickly save your business from harm. 

Does Your Reputation Measurably Improve?

Good ratings are not a given. They are the result of a consumer brand experience and whether you encourage them to share their opinion. 

Advanced Analytics shows you the impact of your reputation management over time. This data-driven performance indicator allows you to adjust and improve your strategy. 

How Does Customer Loyalty Develop?

Online reviews are an incredibly powerful currency. They tell you where to improve your business and provide a strong signal for consumers making a buying decision. 

Even more, they help you bring more customers back to your store. Take their feedback seriously and show them you’re listening. With Advanced Analytics you can track your reply rate and ensure you are presenting the right brand image. 

Do Regional Campaigns Return Your Investment?

If you boost brand awareness on regional TV or sponsor a local sports event, how do you know your efforts pay off? 

You will want to know whether local consumers actively search for your brand online. This is exactly what Advanced Analytics shows you: Find out where searches specifically for your brand peak and how these correlate with your how your local campaigns. 

In Which Regions Is Your Brand Most Visible?

There are regional differences when it comes to brand visibility. With Advanced Analytics it’s easy to compare your performance on different markets. 

As soon as you know where impressions are lower, you’re ready for the next step. You can localise your efforts and target specific regions. 

Which Stores Generate the Most $$$?

When consumers land on your Google profile, their click on driving directions or your phone number makes them a lead. They’re just a step away from purchasing. 

Wouldn’t it be helpful to see which locations stand out or need some extra attention in terms of conversions? Advanced Analytics simplifies this critical process. You just need to look at the scatter graph to see how your stores contribute to revenue. 

How Do Your Customers Tick and Click?

You might assume that your customers mostly visit your store directly, but what if a fair share of them visit your website first? 

Advanced Analytics tells you how your customers prefer to convert and engage. And this allows you to take your customers by the hand and offer the best journey possible, e.g. through a conversion-optimised local website. 

This Is What Our Customers Say:

"With Advance Analytics we can see how our offline marketing campaigns perform at the local level in ultra-fine detail — this has opened the door to numerous possibilities for analysing data. Everything was easy and simple to understand, and of everyone that used Advanced Analytics during the testing phase, no one said ‘How do I use this?’. It was straightforward, clear and easy to use."

Louise WisemanSenior SEO Manager at TUI

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