New report reveals 11% more local customer engagements in 2020 | Find out more

Reputation Management: How to Engage Existing Customers & Win New Ones

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95% of consumers say that reviews impact their buying decisions.

At the end of 2019, Uberall released a study that found that when a brand's location replied to customers just 30% of the time, that location's engagements almost doubled.

However, despite a clear increase of customers looking for brands that they can trust online, new research from Trustpilot reveals that only 71% of consumers actually trust brands.

Join Peter Simpson, Global Head of Partnerships at Trustpilot and Brad Fagan, Senior Content Strategist at Uberall, to break down the critical role of reviews in internet trust and customer engagement, explore the key-findings of their latest pioneering reports and provide you with essential takeaways to build a trustworthy brand and win new business opportunities.

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