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Your very own booking service, directly within Google Search and Maps

With Uberall, you can influence the Google Local Pack like never before. We give you a special action button which allows your customers to make appointments, orders, and reservations directly within the Google search results.

From the customer’s perspective, the new feature is something of a Godsend, as there’s no need to endlessly click through sites and pages until they’re able to buy what they want, or make a reservation. They can do it directly within the Google Local Pack : order goods, reserve tables or arrange appointments.


Using the Location Marketing Cloud, the booking function can be managed for all locations, in real-time, using the Google My Business attributes. This is made possible through Uberall’s direct API connection to Google My Business.


To learn how the new booking feature works, visit the official Google Support:

If you have any questions regarding Google Attributes or the Location Marketing Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us at: US: +1 (628) 400 0150, UK: +44 (0)20 3769 3000 or

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