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Use Customer Reviews to Grow Your Business With 'Smart Insights' - Uberall’s New Engage Feature

Smart Insights Means Greater Brand Control

Great news Uberall Engage user - your reviews just got smarter! 

We’ve added two new widgets to your dashboard that show the most prominent words trending in your customer reviews and which average star rating they are associated with.

These widgets are key for revealing what customers love about your business and which areas they think you can improve on.

Meet our two new widgets:

Reviews Analysis

This widget displays: 

  • A list of the top 100 words that consistently appear in customer reviews
  • The overall percentage of reviews the word appears in
  • The average rating of reviews containing that word

review management product feature

Average Rating Activity

This widget displays the evolution of the average rating received in reviews for a certain time window selected.

What This Means for Your Business

These powerful new widgets will enable you to collect clear, actionable insights about your business and make changes that will have the most immediate impact on your customer relations...

Smart Insights revolutionises the way you analyse your customer reviews, and lets you:


  • Analyse your reviews fast: Sorting through reviews one at a time can be overwhelming and an inaccurate way to draw conclusions about your customers. Smart Insights allows you to find and fix your core customer issues quickly.
  • Discover more about your target market: Seeing the business through your customers’ eyes can be incredibly valuable and will reveal aspects of your business that you haven’t even considered.
  • Approach your reviews more strategically: Focus on the recurring keywords in your negative reviews first. This will help you to improve the customer experience, and your customer review ratings, rapidly.
  • Create a strategy to ramp up your star-rating: Once you have a clear idea of what your customers want, you can put a clear action-plan in place.
  • Drive more foot traffic to your locations:  59% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend. Improving your review rating has a direct correlation with consumer decisions to shop locally.
  • Identify patterns in customer comments and react fast, before they turn into something bigger: Sometimes changes need to be made fast. Don’t get stuck micro-managing, tackle the biggest customer concerns which will ensure that your teams are more agile and effective.

Discover What Matters Most to Your Customers

Start leveraging Smart Insights in your Uberall Platform or reach out to our experts for more information today!

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