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Uberall ensures prime Google My Business experience through latest API update

Google has just released a major update for its Google My Business API, and we are excited to announce the immediate and complete implementation of all relevant features into Uberall’s Location Marketing Cloud. Uberall users benefit from a number of significant improvements that make it easier and more straightforward for any local business – enterprises as well as smaller businesses – to be present on Google. As a basic element of digital location marketing, a premium presence on the #1 search engine in the world is essential in driving more foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

Directly from the Location Marketing Cloud you can now:

  • Verify your locations on Google without the need to go to Google My Business (GMB). You’ll always get the best possible verification option directly in the Location Marketing Cloud.
  • Easily search for existing locations to claim them for your business or request access to previously claimed locations.
  • Indicate that your locations are part of a chain or franchise, instantly improving your SEO for local search.
  • Smoothly manage and respond to your Google reviews, using Uberall’s cutting-edge technology to filter by sales regions, ratings and much more – boosting your online reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Publish Google posts with product information directly into Google’s search results.

For our resellers this new update means one thing above all: Get your customers up-and-running on Google quicker and easier than ever before. The implementation of the GMB API brings exciting improvements to the connect setup flow, and specifically the identification and verification of Google My Business listings for our resellers’ SMB clients, which enables them to benefit from more features of the Uberall platform right away. Most importantly, verification can be launched and completed directly in the Location Marketing Cloud, and Uberall’s smart connection flow ensures that the smoothest verification option is chosen automatically.

What is more, business owners can now publish Product Posts on Google, as part of Uberall’s Engage product. Product Posts are a new type of local post, developed especially for small businesses, containing product-related content (e.g. name, price), which will be visible directly in Google’s search results and hence to millions of users.

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Yannick Sievers
Yannick Sievers