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This week in digital location marketing

Every week, Uberall provides you with a roundup of the most important developments in digital location marketing - here’s this week’s top 5. 

Valentine’s Day: A lovely day for local business

Consumers will spend up to $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences this year, says Market Watch. This enormous amount actually reflects a fall in overall spending, with 2016 setting a record of $19.7 billion. However, this fall in spending doesn’t reflect a fall in consumer willingness to spend, rather a market-based correction due to increased holiday business competitiveness and heavy discounting. This shows that local businesses have a tremendous opportunity and terrific challenge in owning a share of this early-year spend.

Google Maps now has real-time transport updates

Google Maps has updated its Android app to include new tabs that display real-time transport info on nearby places, traffic conditions and public transit schedules, reports Search Engine Land. The new tabs enable Android users to not only find businesses near to them, but allows them to plan journeys along the route to buying. In the near future, perhaps we will be discussing the measurable increase in local purchases from businesses near bus stops, or from businesses with little road traffic.

The four industries local search was made for

While local SEO is ideal for any business with physical locations, it is particularly beneficial for 4 industries in particular, according to Entrepreneur. Restaurants and bars, legal services, plumbing and electric and repair shops are all ideal beneficiaries of the impacts of local SEO. This is not only because these industries still have physical locations, but remain ideal for consumer purchasing behaviour.

Google changes AMP sharing

Google has also made it easier to share real URLs from AMP pages. Search Engine Land says “making a change to how it displays Accelerated Mobile Pages, so that users can easily view and share links that lead directly to publishers’ sites rather than to Google’s copy of the content”. This means it is switching URL sharing from Google directly to native pages, which should indeed please some publishers.

How good is influencer marketing for business?

Influencer marketing is back in discussion, in Martech magazine. It reports how influencers still play an enormous role in providing consumers with direction and stimulus to make purchases. Local businesses can utilize this huge resource pool of talent and know-how to direct consumers to their business, particularly when businesses utilize a strong self-service platform with a PPC model. This should ensure both influencer marketing, and online advertizing to direct customers to stores.

Image: Brendan Church, unsplash